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A couple move to the country and meet a neighbour, who starts visiting them every afternoon at exactly 4pm. A riveting psychological thriller with brilliant storytelling, great characters and endless suspe...

Jul 18 21:30
South Korea 111 mins


André Forcier

In the 1950s, when the Catholic Church ruled over Quebec, the clergy are confronted by the people they mean to oppress. A tale told with sensitivity, humour, and quite literally, a lot of heart.

Aug 4 18:30
Canada 94 mins

Le Comte de Monte-Cristo

Alexandre De la Patelière, Matthieu Delaporte

A magnificent adaptation of Dumas’s classic of French literature, the influential thriller of wrongful imprisonment and ruthless revenge, hinting at the tropes and trappings of the modern superhero film.

Jul 19 20:00
France 178 mins


Nobuhiro Yamashita

A morbid confession, an isolated cabin, and an epic acting duel are the elements of a brilliantly directed descent into hell. Quite simply, one of the best closed-set films in a long time.

Jul 19 18:00
Japan 76 mins


Lucía Puenzo

A woman wakes up from a coma six weeks after having been struck by lightning. Something—everything—is different now. A subversive and beautiful genre work, reminiscent of CRASH-era Cronenberg.

Jul 25 21:15
Jul 31 17:00
Argentina, Chile 90 mins

In Our Blood

Pedro Kos

A documentarian’s search for her missing mother uncovers sinister truths about her hometown. Brittany O’Grady stars in the narrative debut from Oscar-nominated doc filmmaker Pedro Kos.

Jul 31 19:10
Aug 3 15:15
USA 89 mins

Infinite Summer

Miguel Llansó

Summer takes a bizarre turn for Mia, Grete, and Sarah after a mindfulness app alters their body chemistry in the mind-bending new film by the maker of JESUS SHOWS YOU THE WAY TO THE HIGHWAY!

Jul 27 21:15
Estonia, Spain 90 mins

Mash Ville

Hwang Wook

Three brothers dealing in bootleg liquor are up against homicidal cultists in this insane, genre-mashing crowdpleaser. Director Hwang Wook and co. commit to their absurdity, and it’s an absolute blast.

Jul 21 21:30
South Korea 126 mins

Out of the Shadow

Ricky Ko

Karate girl Chu Po is out fighting injustice in Hong Kong until her family’s past causes new complications. A potent mix of martial arts, humour, drama, and sweetness from the director of TIME (Fantasia 20...

Jul 27 17:05
Jul 30 12:30
Hong Kong 89 mins


Isaac Ezban

From the award-winning director of PARALLEL and THE INCIDENT comes a horrific and moving vision of childhood’s end… at the end of the world.

Jul 28 21:30
Mexico 118 mins

Penalty Loop

Shinji Araki

Two men are caught in a deadly time loop in this black-comedy thriller, full of stunning twists and turns, and brilliant ideas that border on the fantastic.

Jul 26 19:15
Japan 99 mins


Jayro Bustamante

Evocative of early Del Toro, RITA brilliantly fuses notes of mythical fantasy, themes of childhood innocence, and female solidarity. Based on a harrowing real-life event at a Guatemalan orphanage.

Jul 25 18:50
Guatemala 107 mins

A Samurai in Time

Junichi Yasuda

An Edo-period samurai is flung into the future, arriving in modern Kyoto to confront utter confusion—and an acting career. A fish-out-of-water fantasy that’s clever, funny, and remarkably poignant.

Jul 28 18:15
Japan 131 mins


Adilkhan Yerzhanov

A desperate mother teams up with a psychopath to find her son in an apocalyptic landscape consumed by ultraviolence. Spectacular filmmaking. Like a Kazakh MAD MAX directed by John Ford.

Jul 27 19:00
Aug 2 15:00
Kazakhstan 102 mins