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The Avenging Eagle

Sun Chung

Black Eagle and a mysterious stranger must square off against his father and his deadly iron claws in this exhilarating Shaw Bros. wuxia classic that is a favourite of Tarantino.

Jul 21 12:00
Hong Kong 97 mins

A Chinese Ghost Story II

Tony Ching Siu-Tung

Rival kung fu enemies converge to fight monsters and a big centipede demon in this wild & wacky sequel classic from producer Tsui Hark.

Jul 20 14:45
Aug 1 17:00
Hong Kong 107 mins

Cockfighter - 50th Anniversary Screening

Monte Hellman

A man (Warren Oates) who trains fighting cocks vows to remain silent until one of his birds wins a championship. A powerful, underseen gem of the Hollywood New Wave.

Jul 30 17:15
USA 83 mins


Vincenzo Natali

As Fantasia presents director Vincenzo Natali with our 2024 Canadian Trailblazer award, join us for a new 4K restoration of his consistently tense, trendsetting sci-fi shocker.

Jul 30 19:15
Canada 90 mins

Devil Times Five

Sean MacGregor

A group of catty adults in a remote chalet become the “toys” of murderous children in this prime slice of offbeat ’70s cinema, presented in a new 4K restoration from Vinegar Syndrome!

Aug 2 17:05
USA 89 mins

Hollywood 90028

Christina Hornisher

The celebrated, existential 1974 serial-killer film finally gets the presentation it deserves in a new 4K restoration. A haunting piece of rediscovered art, set against the sleazy underbelly of ‘70s L.A.

Jul 26 17:15
USA 90 mins

Killer Constable

Kuei Chih-Hung

Kuei Chih-Hung, a master of Hong Kong horror and exploitation, unleashes his only wuxia film, a profound martial-arts masterpiece. A killer new restoration from the original camera negative.

Jul 27 13:00
Hong Kong 98 mins

The Rubber Gun

Allan Moyle

An exploitation film in the form of experimental cinéma vérité starring Stephen Lack (SCANNERS) and directed by Allan Moyle.

Jul 20 15:00
Canada 84 mins

Tiki Tiki

Gerald Potterton

Combining pop-psychedelic animation with repurposed footage from a Soviet children’s fantasy film, this strange and hilarious hybrid production is a genuine lost gem of Canadian filmmaking.

Jul 20 13:00
Canada 71 mins