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The Carpenter

David Wellington

A horror film that is both original and downright zany. David Wellington's first film, photographed by David Franco and set to music by Pierre Bündock.

Jul 21 15:00
Canada 89 mins

Chanson pour Julie

Jacques Vallée

The story of Julie, an enterprising and headstrong teenager who falls in love with a popular singer, played by the late Jean-Pierre Ferland.

Jul 21 13:00
Quebec 92 mins

L' Indomptable

George Erschbamer

"To him, America is just another jungle." Snake Eater travels to Tennessee to battle a band of degenerate redneck bikers, avenge his parents, and liberate his kidnapped sister.

Jul 28 13:00
Canada 94 mins

La Loi du cochon

Érik Canuel

A seemingly straightforward gangster film which in fact boasts a complex script with a thousand twists and turns, and inventive direction by Érik Canuel, helming his first feature.

Jul 22 21:00
Quebec 99 mins

Nuit avec Hortense, La

Jean Chabot

Lovers take refuge in an isolated cabin on the banks of a river. Come and discover this rare film by Jean Chabot, starring Carole Laure and Lothaire Bluteau.

Jul 27 13:00
Quebec 77 mins

On n'engraisse pas les cochons à l'eau c...

Jean Pierre lefebvre

An experimental fable in the form of a whodunit telling the story of Bob Tremblay, an RCMP narcotics officer who infiltrates the Cégep de Hull by posing as a student.

Aug 4 13:00
Quebec 102 mins

The Rubber Gun

Allan Moyle

An exploitation film in the form of experimental cinéma vérité starring Stephen Lack (SCANNERS) and directed by Allan Moyle.

Jul 20 15:00
Canada 84 mins