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André Forcier

In the 1950s, when the Catholic Church ruled over Quebec, the clergy are confronted by the people they mean to oppress. A tale told with sensitivity, humour, and quite literally, a lot of heart.

Aug 4 18:30
Canada 94 mins

Adrianne & the Castle

Shannon Walsh

A documentary about Alan and Adrianne—their love, his grief and the magic that breaks down the line between dream and reality.

Jul 20 18:45
Canada 86 mins

Les Écorchés - Partie 1

Luca Jalbert

A film for teenagers with real teenagers, recounting the misdeeds of the evil spirit of the Colerain comet as supernatural events multiply at an alarming rate.

Jul 21 21:15
Canada, Quebec 110 mins

The G

Karl R. Hearne

Abused and deprived by a corrupt legal guardian and an uncaring system, an elderly woman sets out for payback. A dark revenge thriller with a very unconventional protagonist.

Jul 26 21:00
Canada, Quebec, USA 99 mins

Jour de chasse

Annick Blanc

As a bachelor weekend in the woods descends into bloody madness, feisty sex worker Nina must reconsider how far she is willing to go to belong. A drunken fever dream exposing a microcosm of masculinity.

Aug 1 19:00
Canada 79 mins

Kidnapping Inc.

Bruno Mourral

Two bumbling kidnappers take on more than they can handle when plans for their political hostage go straight to hell in the streets of Haiti.

Aug 4 16:00
Canada, France, Haiti 107 mins

Wake Up

Anouk Whissell, François Simard, Yoann-Karl Whissell

The tense, gory new shocker from Fantasia favorites RKSS pits a gang of Gen Z activists against a hulking security guard murderously protecting the store they invade after hours.

Aug 3 21:45
Canada, France 83 mins