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100 Yards

Haofeng Xu, Junfeng Xu

Family secrets, demimonde politics, and romantic entanglements complicate the rivalry between two skilled martial artists in the latest from masterful genre auteur Xu Haofeng.

Aug 4 13:35
China 109 mins

The A-Frame


After enlisting a black-market quantum physicist's aid due to a cancer diagnosis, Donna must face the consequences of her miraculous experimental treatment once the scientist's true intentions surface.

Jul 18 21:30
Jul 19 17:00
USA 83 mins


E.L. Katz

In a post-apocalyptic world, Azrael (Samara Weaving) must fight tooth and nail to rescue her partner from a cult of mute religious fanatics in the year’s most VICIOUS tale of revenge!

Aug 2 19:00
USA 85 mins

Baby Assassins Nice Days

Yugo Sakamoto

The vacation is over for teenage contract killers Mahiro and Chisato in the third instalment of the kick-ass combat-and-comedy series—more fun, action-packed, and, yes, heartfelt than ever.

Jul 30 18:45
Japan 113 mins

The Beast Within

Alexander J. Farrell

Phantasmagoric, gothic, Kit Harington stars in this nightmarish fairy-tale that reflects on the uncanniness of childhood and the creatures that come out at night, both real and imagined.

Jul 22 21:15
United Kingdom 96 mins

Black Eyed Susan

Scooter McCrae

Derek reluctantly agrees to test and push the boundaries on the artificial intelligence of a new sentient BDSM sex doll and his desire and his humanity will be tested.

Aug 2 21:35
USA 85 mins

Brave Citizen

Jin-pyo Park

A former boxer, now a part-time teacher, dons a mask and deals with high-school bullying the hard way. A stylishly entertaining Korean action flick with great characters and intense fight scenes!

Jul 20 16:45
South Korea 112 mins

Brush of the God

Keizo Murase

Two teens must save the world from a many-headed, mythological dragon in master artisan Keizo Murase’s directorial debut, following a lifetime crafting monster suits for all the best-known kaiju films.

Jul 28 14:30
Japan 74 mins

The Chapel

Carlota Pereda

A fake medium and a determined little girl are brought together during their village's annual re-opening of a haunted chapel in director Carlota Pereda’s follow-up to the Fantasia 2022 hit PIGGY.

Jul 23 21:20
Spain 107 mins


Tilman Singer

The director of LUZ returns with an even more bonkers mix of domestic tension, body horror and perverted science. Starring Hunter Schafer and Dan Stevens.

Jul 30 21:30
Germany 102 mins

Dead Dead Full Dead

Pratul Gaikwad

Deadpan delirium abounds as an unusual murder investigation entangles a pair of inept cops and assorted other lovable idiots in this odd, even otherworldly mutation of the mystery-comedy genre.

Jul 28 21:35
Jul 30 14:20
India 110 mins

The Dead Thing

Elric Kane

Smart, tragic and unsettling, Elric Kane’s first solo-directed feature is a supernatural nightmare that explores the demons of modern dating in ways both horrific and disturbingly relatable.

Jul 26 19:15
Jul 28 12:00
USA 95 mins

Don't Call it Mystery

Hiroaki Matsuyama

In this compelling whodunit adapted from a popular manga, college student Totonou, known for his sharp observation skills, becomes entangled in a complicated family feud involving mysterious deaths.

Jul 26 16:30
Japan 128 mins


Damin Kim

A stressed-out elementary-school student secretly befriends a bottle of rice wine that can communicate through Morse Code. A heartwarming sci-fi/coming-of-age story guaranteed to make you smile.

Jul 24 15:00
Jul 25 19:15
South Korea 90 mins

Fly Me to the Saitama: From Biwa Lake wi...

Hideki Takeuchi

In this sequel to Fantasia Audience Award winner FLY ME TO THE SAITAMA, the dashing Rei Asami stumbles upon an oddly familiar conflict in Japan’s Kansai region, where Osaka reigns supreme.

Jul 23 18:35
Japan 116 mins


Prasanth Varma

The auspicious introduction of Tollywood visionary Prasanth Varma’s new Cinematic Universe is a high-energy mash-up of superhero thrills, slapstick hilarity, rugged action, romance, and reverent devotion.

Aug 3 12:30
India 158 mins


Matthew Fifer

A young man returns home after rehab and uncovers the secrets of his town's abandoned psychiatric centre in this haunting queer horror drama that explores deeply rooted trauma.

Jul 27 21:15
Aug 1 15:00
USA 77 mins

HEAVENS: The Boy and His Robot

Rich Ho

The bond between young Kai and his battle mecha Little Dragon is at the heart of this Singaporean sci-fi blockbuster, boasting astounding visual effects that reach the highest global standards.

Jul 27 15:35
Singapore 97 mins

Hell Hole

Toby Poser & John Adams

In this indie rock’n’roll monster movie from the makers of HELLBENDER, a fracking crew uncover a monster growing inside a 200 year old soldier. It tears through the men on site in search of a new womb.

Jul 29 19:15
Jul 31 12:00
USA, Serbia 92 mins

House of Sayuri


From J-horror veteran Koji Shiraishi, this unexpected twist on the haunted house subgenre is an exciting mash-up of his two favourite things: creepiness and hilarity!

Aug 2 21:30
Japan 108 mins

The Killers

Jong-kwan KIM, Deok ROH, Hang-jun CHANG, Myung-Se LEE

Four talented filmmakers, four intriguing cinematic visions, four astounding stories revolving around murderers for hire, with elements of horror, suspense, dark comedy, neo-noir, and more.

Aug 3 18:45
South Korea 119 mins

A Legend

Stanley Tong

Jackie Chan reunites with his frequent collaborator Stanley Tong (RUMBLE IN THE BRONX) in their new action/fantasy epic, in which battles of the past have deadly consequences in the present.

Aug 3 16:00
China, Hong Kong 129 mins

Not Friends

Atta Hemwadee

Hoping to win a short-film competition, Pae decides to direct a tear-jerking tribute to former classmate Joe, who tragically passed away, even though they weren’t actually friends.

Jul 21 16:35
Jul 23 12:15
Thailand 129 mins


Damian McCarthy

A blind medium uncovers the truth behind her sister's death with the help of a frightening wooden mannequin. One of the scariest and most imaginative films you’ll see anywhere this year.

Aug 4 21:30
United Kingdom 98 mins