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Dark Match

Lowell Dean

The devil’s in the details when a wrestling team fights for big bucks and high stakes with a mysterious cult.

Jul 21 18:30
Canada 94 mins

Darkest Miriam

Naomi Jaye

A lonely library worker finds threatening letters and a new lover, disrupting her quiet, quirky world. An introspective examination of love, loss, and the ghosts that live forever in our hearts.

Jul 23 21:30
Jul 25 12:30
Canada 88 mins

Frankie Freako

Steven Kostanski

An attempt to look “cool” puts one square man in a heap of trouble with interdimensional Freakos!

Jul 24 18:45
Canada 82 mins

The G

Karl R. Hearne

Abused and deprived by a corrupt legal guardian and an uncaring system, an elderly woman sets out for payback. A dark revenge thriller with a very unconventional protagonist.

Jul 26 21:00
Canada, Quebec, USA 99 mins


Kourtney Roy

Compelled by a fateful hike in the woods, a woman searches to find a missing cryptozoologist, a creature and possibly her sanity in this surreal odyssey.

Jul 22 18:15
Jul 24 12:15
Canada 96 mins

Scared Shitless

Vivieno Caldinelli

A plumber dad, a germophobic son, and a creature let loose in a building serve up bathroom humour and gross-out laughs as they save the world!

Jul 21 21:30
Jul 22 13:40
Canada 77 mins

Self Driver

Michael Pierro

Desperate and broke, a rideshare driver takes a new job with a mysterious rideshare app. After an award-winning world premiere at Fantaspoa, experience the tension and super-dark comedy of SELF DRIVER.

Aug 2 19:00
Aug 4 12:30
Canada 90 mins

The Silent Planet

Jeffrey St Jules

When a lone prisoner on a penal colony planet finds himself face to face with a new inmate, their fates collide in earth-shattering ways.

Jul 24 21:30
Jul 26 12:00
Canada 95 mins

Sunburnt Unicorn

Nick Johnson

Lost in the sun-scorched desert, teenager Frankie encounters its unusual inhabitants as he seeks his missing father. An unconventional animated fantasy for young folks, full of wonder and dread.

Aug 3 13:00
Canada 81 mins