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Animalia Paradoxa

Niles Atallah

An amphibious humanoid yearns for the sea amidst the ruins of a dying world. Live action, dance, sculpture, and stop-motion animation combine in a dreamlike structure liberated from convention.

Jul 20 17:00
Jul 25 14:50
Chile 82 mins

Carnage for Christmas

Alice Maio Mackay

Lola returns home for the first time since transitioning, only to find her town haunted by urban legends and a psychotic killer.

Jul 19 19:30
Jul 24 17:00
Australia 70 mins

Chainsaws Were Singing

Sander Maran

A chainsaw-wielding killer with a thirst for blood and a song in his heart wreaks havoc on the Estonian countryside in this zany horror-musical-comedy.

Jul 23 18:35
Jul 26 14:30
Estonia 118 mins

The Code

Eugene Kotlyarenko

Filmmaker Eugene Kotlyarenko explores the disintegration of a sexless couple's relationship during the pandemic in a darkly comedic critique of modern life's artificiality and disillusionment.

Jul 25 16:45
Aug 4 15:00
USA 98 mins

Love & Pop

Hideaki Anno

Experience mid-90s Tokyo anew in this avant-garde digital masterpiece from a young Hideaki Anno, exploring the world of high school girls and enjo kosai (compensated dating).

Aug 3 19:30
Japan 110 mins

Me and My Victim

Maurane, Billy Pedlow

Maurane and Billy Pedlow are not quite friends and not quite friends and this is the true, messy and kind of fucked up story about how they met. It’ll make you cringe, but it’ll be hard to look away.

Aug 3 21:45
Quebec, USA 100 mins

The Old Man and the Demon Sword

Fábio Powers

António da Luz’s soul is accidentally bound with a mystical demon sword and together, they must face off against a curse that’s befallen his village.

Jul 21 19:15
Portugal 64 mins