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The A-Frame


After enlisting a black-market quantum physicist's aid due to a cancer diagnosis, Donna must face the consequences of her miraculous experimental treatment once the scientist's true intentions surface.

Jul 18 21:30
Jul 19 17:00
USA 83 mins


E.L. Katz

In a post-apocalyptic world, Azrael (Samara Weaving) must fight tooth and nail to rescue her partner from a cult of mute religious fanatics in the year’s most VICIOUS tale of revenge!

Aug 2 19:00
USA 85 mins

The Beast Within

Alexander J. Farrell

Phantasmagoric, gothic, Kit Harington stars in this nightmarish fairy-tale that reflects on the uncanniness of childhood and the creatures that come out at night, both real and imagined.

Jul 22 21:15
United Kingdom 96 mins

Carnage for Christmas

Alice Maio Mackay

Lola returns home for the first time since transitioning, only to find her town haunted by urban legends and a psychotic killer.

Jul 19 19:30
Jul 24 17:00
Australia 70 mins

The Carpenter

David Wellington

A horror film that is both original and downright zany. David Wellington's first film, photographed by David Franco and set to music by Pierre Bündock.

Jul 21 15:00
Canada 89 mins

Chainsaws Were Singing

Sander Maran

A chainsaw-wielding killer with a thirst for blood and a song in his heart wreaks havoc on the Estonian countryside in this zany horror-musical-comedy.

Jul 23 18:35
Jul 26 14:30
Estonia 118 mins

Dark Match

Lowell Dean

The devil’s in the details when a wrestling team fights for big bucks and high stakes with a mysterious cult.

Jul 21 18:30
Canada 94 mins

The Dead Thing

Elric Kane

Smart, tragic and unsettling, Elric Kane’s first solo-directed feature is a supernatural nightmare that explores the demons of modern dating in ways both horrific and disturbingly relatable.

Jul 26 19:15
Jul 28 12:00
USA 95 mins

Devil Times Five

Sean MacGregor

A group of catty adults in a remote chalet become the “toys” of murderous children in this prime slice of offbeat ’70s cinema, presented in a new 4K restoration from Vinegar Syndrome!

Aug 2 17:05
USA 89 mins

Les Écorchés - Partie 1

Luca Jalbert

A film for teenagers with real teenagers, recounting the misdeeds of the evil spirit of the Colerain comet as supernatural events multiply at an alarming rate.

Jul 21 21:15
Canada, Quebec 110 mins

Hell Hole

Toby Poser & John Adams

In this indie rock’n’roll monster movie from the makers of HELLBENDER, a fracking crew uncover a monster growing inside a 200 year old soldier. It tears through the men on site in search of a new womb.

Jul 29 19:15
Jul 31 12:00
USA, Serbia 92 mins

Hollywood 90028

Christina Hornisher

The celebrated, existential 1974 serial-killer film finally gets the presentation it deserves in a new 4K restoration. A haunting piece of rediscovered art, set against the sleazy underbelly of ‘70s L.A.

Jul 26 17:15
USA 90 mins

In Our Blood

Pedro Kos

A documentarian’s search for her missing mother uncovers sinister truths about her hometown. Brittany O’Grady stars in the narrative debut from Oscar-nominated doc filmmaker Pedro Kos.

Jul 31 19:10
Aug 3 15:15
USA 89 mins

Jour de chasse

Annick Blanc

As a bachelor weekend in the woods descends into bloody madness, feisty sex worker Nina must reconsider how far she is willing to go to belong. A drunken fever dream exposing a microcosm of masculinity.

Aug 1 19:00
Canada 79 mins

The Killers

Jong-kwan KIM, Deok ROH, Hang-jun CHANG, Myung-Se LEE

Four talented filmmakers, four intriguing cinematic visions, four astounding stories revolving around murderers for hire, with elements of horror, suspense, dark comedy, neo-noir, and more.

Aug 3 18:45
South Korea 119 mins


Tatsuya Oishi

An elusive trio of anime films resurrected as a single feature, an avant-garde, neo-gothic nightmare spattered with splashes of teen sex farce, dynamic battle scenes, and copious quantities of blood.

Jul 27 18:15
Japan 142 mins


Kourtney Roy

Compelled by a fateful hike in the woods, a woman searches to find a missing cryptozoologist, a creature and possibly her sanity in this surreal odyssey.

Jul 22 18:15
Jul 24 12:15
Canada 96 mins


Damian McCarthy

A blind medium uncovers the truth behind her sister's death with the help of a frightening wooden mannequin. One of the scariest and most imaginative films you’ll see anywhere this year.

Aug 4 21:30
United Kingdom 98 mins


Isaac Ezban

From the award-winning director of PARALLEL and THE INCIDENT comes a horrific and moving vision of childhood’s end… at the end of the world.

Jul 28 21:30
Mexico 118 mins

Scared Shitless

Vivieno Caldinelli

A plumber dad, a germophobic son, and a creature let loose in a building serve up bathroom humour and gross-out laughs as they save the world!

Jul 21 21:30
Jul 22 13:40
Canada 77 mins

Shelby Oaks

Chris Stuckmann

Years after her sister’s mysterious disappearance, Mia retraces her ghost-hunting sister’s final path in this spooky supernatural debut from YouTube creator Chris Stuckmann, exec produced by Mike Flanagan.

Jul 20 21:45
USA 102 mins

The Soul Eater

Julien Maury, Alexandre Bustillo

The latest from the creators of INSIDE is a tense procedural thriller set in a French village plagued by bizarre murders and child vanishings, starring Virginie Ledoyen.

Jul 24 21:20
France 111 mins

This Man

Tomojiro Amano

Freely adapting a famous urban legend, this could well be the new J-horror gem that rekindles the fervour of moviegoers worldwide. Unsettling, intelligent, shocking, and devilishly entertaining!

Jul 25 21:30
Japan 88 mins

Wake Up

Anouk Whissell, François Simard, Yoann-Karl Whissell

The tense, gory new shocker from Fantasia favorites RKSS pits a gang of Gen Z activists against a hulking security guard murderously protecting the store they invade after hours.

Aug 3 21:45
Canada, France 83 mins