World Premiere
Selection 2019


Directed by David Marmor

Hosted by Director and Screenwriter David Marmor, Actress Nicole Bloom, Producers Alok Mishra and Shane Vorster



David Marmor


David Marmor


Nicole Brydon Bloom, Alan Blumenfeld, Susan Davis, Naomi Grossman, Clayton Hoff, Giles Matthey, Taylor Nichols, Earnestine Phillips, Celeste Sully


Alok Mishra, Sam Sandweiss, Shane Vorster, Allard Cantor, Jarrod Murray, Nic Izzi, Peter Phok


David Bolen


Ronen Landa


Ricardo Jattan


Malevolent Films LLC

USA 2019 90 mins OV English
Genre DramaThrillerHorror

We all have apartment horror stories: annoying roommates, asshole landlords, dilapidated buildings, among many more nightmare scenarios. The search for a nice place to live in a desirable location with reasonable rents, decent neighbours and soundproof walls is more of a challenge than it should be, so when Sarah lucks into a sweet one-bedroom at Asilo Del Mar Apartments, she think she's hit the jackpot. Situated on a quiet street in Los Angeles, it's got plenty of space, friendly tenants, group BBQs and even a cute neighbour next door. But this being L.A., all is not what it seems: loud noises start keeping her awake at night; her cat is missing; everyone seems to be a little too helpful and friendly, except for the weirdo, Lester. Soon, Sarah learns she didn't choose this apartment — it chose her.

Horror films don't come more instantly identifiable than 1BR. Very effectively bringing the terror out of the seemingly mundane, everyday apartment complex, David Marmor's debut feature will make you think of the evils inside next time you pass one. 1BR joins a select group of quality horror films, such as THE TENANT and Argento's INFERNO, to successfully explore the terrors of apartment living, and what sets it apart is its plausibility, that what happens once you’re buzzed in through the gates at Asilo Del Mar is not an uncommon experience to a lot of people. It would be ruining things to divulge more, except to say it's probably not a coincidence the story is set in L.A., a place where unsuspecting people looking to make a change can all too often have that change forced upon them against their will. Marmor's smart script and solid cast of mostly unknowns make 1BR one of Fantasia 2019's top discoveries. Don't sleep in this 1BR, but don't sleep on it, either. – Matthew Kiernan