Presented by MELS


Directed by Alexandre Prieur-Grenier



Alexandre Prieur-Grenier


Maxime Duguay, Emmanuel Jean, Alexandre Prieur-Grenier


Marie-Emmanuelle Boileau, Catherine Chabot, Hugolin Chevrette, Tania Kontoyanni, Fanny Migneault-Lecavalier, Émile Schneider, Martin Skorek, David Strasbourg, Ines Talbi, Marie-Noëlle Voisin


Alexandre Prieur-Grenier, Jean-François Roesler, Yannick Sadler


Jean-Benoît Duval

Sound Designer

Patrick Rioux


FLONE -, Félix De l'Étoile, Philippe Edwards


Emmanuel Jean, Alexandre Prieur-Grenier


Exogene films / Nesto Cienfuegos

Quebec 2020 89 mins OV French Subtitles : English
Genre Experimental

In apartment 2011, a young editor is trying to finish the first version of the feature film he’s been working on for a while. Tension mounts as he has to deal with the impulsive temperament of the director, who keeps changing his mind along the way, as well as being disturbed by the marital conflicts of the couple downstairs, and his growing fascination for one of the film's actresses, whom he’s only encountered through the images of the shoot. There is also a mystery hovering over the apartment next door, from which strange noises emanate, but where no one ever seems to enter or leave. The days and nights gradually begin to lose their meaning, and time becomes superfluous...

Alexandre Prieur-Grenier presents his first independent feature film, using his freedom and creativity to push the medium of cinema visually and narratively. Even with action behind closed doors in an apartment, it seems to go into a completely different dimension. And from the opening credits to the psychotronic tendencies, it’s clear that this is no longer familiar ground, navigating between dream and reality, between the film within the film and the film you're watching. And the release of the film comes at the right moment, when this ordeal is extrapolated into real life, when you start to feel a déjà-vu with the experience of the protagonist's confinement. The film boasts an excellent cast including Émile Schneider (EMBRASSE-MOI COMME TU M'AIMES) in the title role, alongside Catherine Chabot (LIAR). 2011 is a perfect example of a first film without compromise, seeking first and foremost to provide the viewer with a sensory experience. Translation: Rupert Bottenberg