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North American premiere
Axis On Demand

A Costume for Nicolas

Directed by Eduardo Rivero



Eduardo Rivero


Miguel Uriegas


Paty Cantú, Fran Fernandez


Fotosintesis Media

Mexico 2020 82 mins OV Spanish/English Subtitles : English
Genre AnimationFamily

Nicholas, a ten-year-old with Down Syndrome, has a grand collection of costumes, but as he and his cousin David find out, just because it’s make-believe doesn’t mean it’s not real! Nicholas’ costumes were made for him for his birthdays by his mom, who recently passed away. Now, he’s moving in with his loving grandparents – and sharing a room with resentful and troubled David. Despite his cousin’s mean behaviour, Nicholas has a big, loving heart. But will he be courageous enough to confront the creature lurking in the costume trunk, the one that seems to have designs on David? Nicholas has marvelous dreams at night, but he’s about to find out that a whole world he’s only imagined exists, and it’s not that far away…

The Mexican feature A COSTUME FOR NICHOLAS is a wild and colourful fantasy adventure with a special point to make – and it makes its point in a graceful and uplifting way, finding the superpower in Nicholas’ condition. Screenwriter Miguel Angel Uriegas has skillfully adapted the children’s book Pablo y El Baúl by Jaime Mijares, and director Eduardo Rivero has brought their words to life before our eyes, with a discerning design sense and striking imagination. It’s the second feature, after ANGEL IN THE CLOCK, from Fotosintesis Media, an animation studio with a mission to make animated films that have a positive social impact. Presented at Fantasia in English (no subtitles to struggle with!), this is the finest fare for the family, and a fantastic feast for the eyes! – Rupert Bottenberg