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A Hero Never Dies

Directed by Johnnie To



Johnnie To


Szeto Kam-Yuen, Yau Nai-Hoi


Lau Ching Wan, Leon Lai, Lam Suet



Hong Kong 1998 97 mins OV Cantonese Subtitles : English
Genre ThrillerAction

Jack and Martin are rival number-one hitmen for their respective bosses. They are considered the coolest of the cool assassins. Both have near-perfect marksman skills, and impeccable taste in fashion and wine. They share a code of honour, extending professional respect to each other with a touch of friendship. However, chaos, greed, and a high body count have infested the triad world. A bloodbath awaits them that will render them insignificant to their bosses, leaving them for dead and jettisoning all previous loyalty. Such betrayal will not sit well with these chivalrous men, because true heroes never die.

Imagine a Sergio Leone spaghetti Western remixed with Michael Mann’s neo-noir, meeting John Woo with even more swaggering cool! Director Johnnie To won a much-deserved Best Director award at the 1999 Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards. A HERO NEVER DIES is his first stellar masterpiece as a director in the early years of Milkyway. To rejuvenated the tired triad genre, taking the usual clichés, shaking them up with tongue playfully in cheek, including the famous bar scene in which the leads brilliantly spar with coins, wine glasses, and bullets. Veteran action director Yuen Bun, who has designed many memorable action set pieces, dating from Tsui Hark (SWORDSMAN II) productions to the more recent KUNG FU KILLER (Fantasia 2015), heroically dazzles us with astonishing action sequences. – King-Wei Chu