North American premiere

A Japanese Boy Who Draws

Directed by Masanao Kawajiri


Official selection

Pia Film Festival 2018, Odawara Film Festival 2018, Shimokitazawa Film Festival 2018, Nasu Short Film Festival 2018


Masanao Kawajiri


Masanao Kawajiri


PFF General Incorporated Association

Japan 2018 20 mins OV Japanese Subtitles : English
Genre AnimationDrama

Since earliest childhood, Shinji always wanted to be a mangaka — a comic artist. His weird friend Masaru just wanted to have fun. Mashing up live-action with a myriad of animated approaches, A JAPANESE BOY WHO DRAWS offers an inspired exercise in innovative visual narrative. The dizzying pageant of Shinji’s evolving craft culminates in a poignant reflection on dreams, disillusionment, and the true essence of art. – Rupert Bottenberg