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North American premiere
Selection 2020 On Demand

Baby : The Secret Diary of A Mom To Be

Directed by Luk Yee-Sum


Official selection

Tokyo International Film Festival, Asian Future Section, Hong Kong Asian Film Festival


Luk Yee-Sum


Luk Yee-Sum


Dada Chan, Louis Cheung, Candice Yu, Kevin Chu


One Cool Pictures Limited

Hong Kong 2019 94 mins OV Cantonese Subtitles : English/Chinese
Genre ComedyRomance

Carmen (Dada Chan Ching, VULGARIA) is a top-tier marketing professional with a rewarding job, an exciting lifestyle, and a lovable husband in handsome athlete Oscar (Kevin Chu Kam-yin, LION ROCK). Two in their home is enough, so childlessness suits them just fine (mind you, it’s not the preference of Carmen’s mother-in-law, Margaret). Moreover, she sees all too clearly what motherhood means when she visits with her friends. So when Carmen finds out she’s three months pregnant, she’s hardly filled with a maternal glow. Seeing the process through will mean a lot of struggles, with circumstances, with those around her, and most of all with herself.

Hong Kong’s Luk Yee-Sum is no stranger to the Fantasia screen, having written the scripts for the saucy comedies VULGARIA and LOVE IN THE BUFF, and visited the festival with her 2015 directorial debut LAZY HAZY CRAZY, which candidly examined the lives of teenage girls in Hong Kong from a smart, honest, feminine perspective. Her latest shifts to a slightly older woman’s concerns, great ambivalence over what exactly counts as domestic bliss, and in a fast-paced, episodic fashion, filling the tale with an assortment of quirky characters, the steps (and missteps) of her pregnancy are chronicled. Deftly dodging syrupy sentimentality in favour of daring humour and sharp insight – that’s Luk’s style – BABY: THE SECRET DIARY OF A MOM TO BE shares a lot of wise and witty observations, and makes one thing very clear: when you’re expecting, expect the unexpected. – Rupert Bottenberg