Canadian Premiere

Cencoroll Connect

Directed by Atsuya Uki



Atsuya Uki


Atsuya Uki


Hiro Shimono, Ryohei Kimura, Natsumi Takamori, Kenji Akabane


Aniplex USA

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Japan 2019 75 mins OV Japanese Subtitles : English

“Defies any and all expectations of both medium and genre… any rules of what could happen and what might happen fly entirely out the window”

“A potent mix of both understatement and grotesque exaggeration… a wonderful film”

Hanging out on a rooftop, high-schooler Tetsu seems less than astounded when a massive, pale, amorphous creature pops out of an interdimensional portal over his northern Japanese town one evening. Tetsu has one of his own, named Cenco, which he controls telepathically. He’d rather keep the lazy, shape-shifting monstrosity a secret, but soon enough Cenco comes to the attention of Testsu’s incurably curious classmate Yuki — and of Shu, a boy with two such entities at his command, and nefarious designs on Cenco. Thus begins a blockbuster kaiju battle in which size, form and function become fluid…

In the summer of 2009, TSURITAMA and DIGIMON character-design veteran Atsuya Uki’s amazing half-hour maxi-short CENCOROLL, an almost singlehanded anime adaptation of his own award-winning one-shot manga Amon Game, made its world premiere right here at Fantasia. Those who were there surely remember what a wild, smart and unexpected piece of work it was, and CENCOROLL’s reputation has only grown since then. Understated yet over-the-top, kinda freaky but cool with it, the idiosyncratic, surrealist sci-fi teen drama concluded with a lot of question marks. Ten years later, minus a week, Uki’s creation is back — back to back with a sequel, taking the already strange state of affairs even further. Together, the two shorts make up the feature-length bundle CENCOROLL CONNECT. Casually uncanny and uncommonly cool, CENCOROLL CONNECT is something that fans of offbeat and original anime are going to connect with on so many levels! – Rupert Bottenberg