Quebec premiere
Underground On Demand

Climate of the Hunter

Directed by Mickey Reece


Official selection

Fantastic Fest, Nashville Film Festival, Fantastic Film Festival Australia, Florida Film Festival, Chattanooga Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, Calgary Underground Film Festival


Nashville Film Festival - Best Actress: Mary Buss

Nashville Film Festival - Grand Jury Prize Graveyard Shift Competition


Mickey Reece


Mickey Reece, John Selvidge


Mary Buss, Laurie Cummings, Ginger Gilmartin, Ben Hall, Danielle Ploeger, Jacob Snovel


Jacob Snovel


Samuel Calvin

Sound Designer

Juan Campos


Nicholas Poss


Mickey Reece



USA 2019 90 mins OV English
Genre Horror

Wine, Jello and vamps! Oh my! In CLIMATE OF THE HUNTER, his 27th feature film, legendary underground filmmaker Mickey Reece (STRIKE, DEAR MISTRESS, CURE HIS HEART) pits two sisters (the unforgettable Mary Buss and Ginger Gilmartin) against each other as they vie for the affections of a man who may or not be a bloodsucking vampire. A film teeming with oddball characters, dog philosophers, star swipes and horrifically appealing Jello platters, CLIMATE OF THE HUNTER is an improbably seductive camp classic. A darkly funny take on old vampire perverts, this psychosexual melodrama inquires into the various neurosis of its desperate, lonely characters as they eat, drink, cry, and flirt around a candlelit dinner table.

Teeming with sexual tension and cinematic homages, CLIMATE OF THE HUNTER draws the audience into a lush and erotic world. With hints of Ingmar Bergman and Douglas Sirk, the film inflects the larger-than-life emotions of melodrama with the surreal and dreamy atmosphere of Euro-horror. The film’s 4:3 aspect ratio harkens back to Saturday-afternoon movies, and the film’s period look was achieved using an ALEXA mini equipped with a 1970s era lens. A visual and narrative feast (often literally), the film plays on a variety of old-school tropes. It continually subverts and illuminates with its unique and unexpected character trajectories. Deeply ironic, absurd and ethereal, CLIMATE OF THE HUNTER is for an audience with discerning and adventurous palettes. – Justine Smith