World Premiere
Cheval Noir Live

Come True

Directed by Anthony Scott Burns

Sun August 30, 2020
9:30 PM

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Anthony Scott Burns


Anthony Scott Burns Burns


Landon Liboiron, Carlee Ryski, Julia Sarah Stone


Steven Hoban, Brent Kawchuk, Vincenzo Natali, Mark Smith


Pilotpriest Electric Youth &


Copperheart Entertainment

Canada 2020 105 mins OV English

Join us after the screening at 11:20pm for a live Q&A with Writer/Director Anthony Scott Burns , Actors Julia Sarah Stone, Landon Liboiron, Carlee Ryski, Co-Producer Nicholas Bechard, Production Supervisor Howard Gordon , Executive Producer Vincenzo Natali and Producer Mark Smith

18-year-old Sarah (HONEY BEE’s Julia Sarah Stone) is having troubles. A tense situation at home has her avoiding the place as much as possible, crashing with friends, in a park, anywhere, and it’s ruining her at school. A call for participants at a university sleep study comes at precisely the right time, offering both a space to rest her head and perhaps a way towards healing past the terrible dreams that have been tormenting her. Before long, Sarah realizes that she’s become the channel to a frightening new discovery. Dreams twist. Nightmares come true.

A distinctive and compelling work of dark science fiction/horror that haunts the space between wakefulness and sleep, COME TRUE is the sophomore feature by Canadian writer, director, cinematographer, and composer Anthony Scott Burns (following OUR HOUSE, a Fantasia 2018 World Premiere). It’s an eerie, smart and aesthetically sensuous film, one that doesn’t quite look, sound, or feel like anything our national cinema typically births. At its center is a striking performance from Stone that drapes the film with anguish and hurt. Burns’ inspiration for COME TRUE began with the experience of sleep paralysis, and the shared visons that many have had in that state, attributable to either some kind of mass hallucination or something perhaps of a more primordial nature. He describes the film, and specifically Sarah’s character, as being emotionally autobiographical, and it’s something one can sense throughout the piece. Featuring an unforgettable electronic score by Electric Youth and Pilotpriest (the filmmaker’s composing moniker), produced by Mark Smith (IN THE TALL GRASS), Nicholas Bechard (HOLIDAYS) and Canadian genre luminaries Steve Hoban (GINGER SNAPS) and Vincenzo Natali (CUBE), COME TRUE is a cinematic dream well worth the submersion. – Mitch Davis


Sun August 30, 2020
9:30 PM

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