DJ XL5's Nine Lives Zappin' Party

Directed by DJ XL5




2019 110 mins

For his sweet 16th program, DJ XL5 has selected a plethora of short films, jamming between them bursts of static and dubious movie clips, to simulate a festive zapper party with the gang in front of the TV. In total, 22 short, including three World Premieres and many Montreal premieres. This program notably marks the return of many collaborators and friends of the DJ. The iconic SIMON'S CAT by English filmmaker Simon Tofield is unmistakably back with three new episodes, ARMCHAIR FAN, STAIRCASE and CAT SPOOKED. The master of plasticine gore, Lee Hardcastle, hits us with the third part of his series THE SIMPSONS COUCH GAG, FABULOUS SECRET POWERS. Jon Rhoads & Mike Marrero are back with CALL FOR A GOOD TIME, a terrifying World Premiere. Daphnée 4000 and MSHL offer the bizarre SUPER TITRE; Simon Beaupré offers an ingenious mash-up, EVIL JAMES BOND VS WORLD WAR Z; while Quebec animator François Mercier returns with CINEMA CUBISM 2.

Our American neighbours send us the intriguing Brandon Daley's TECHNOLOGY LAKE: MEDITATIONS ON DEATH AND SEX; the hilarious PIG by Evan Powers, presented in Canadian premiere; Sydney Clara Brafman's appetizing THE ONLY THING I LOVE MORE THAN YOU IS RANCH DRESSING, also premiering in Canada; the eccentric UNDER COVERS by Michaela Olsen; and the clever GREAT CHOICE by Robin Comisar. From Australia comes the phenomenal IRONY by Radheya Jegatheva. France representswith two micro-shorts of rare effectiveness, H.B. by Gaspar Palacio and LUCKY DAY by Julien Léo Wolfenstein. Canadian directors Cody Kennedy & Timothy Rutherford offer us the delirious THE VIDEO STORE COMMERCIAL. La belle province surprises us with UN HOMME ÉTERNUE ET MEURT by Charles Parise, a World Premiere; L’ATTAQUE DES CLOWNS by Frederick Lavigne & Max Cormier; Kevin de Laval’s OCCUPÉ; SHOWER PARTY by Pierre-Luc Gosselin & David Gagné; and LET’S TALK ERGONOMICS by Rachel Samson.

DJ XL5 is the only programmer at Fantasia who starts 20 minutes before the scheduled time. Retro trailers and musical discoveries await you as soon as you enter the theatre. Arrive early! – Translation : Rupert Bottenberg

With appearances by: Simon Beaupré, Kevin de Laval, Pierre-Luc Gosselin & David Gagné, Cody Kennedy & Timothy Rutherford, Frederick Lavigne & Max Cormier, François Mercier, Charles Parisé, Evan Powers, Daphnée 4000 & MSHL, Jon Rhoads & Mike Marrero, et Rachel Samson