Canadian Premiere
Selection 2019


Directed by Anna Sobolevska

Hosted by Producer Vladimir Yatsenko


Official selection

Saint Louis International Film Festival 2018, New York City International Film Festival 2018, Blackbird Film Festival 2018, Miami International SciFi Film Festival


Best Student film on New York City International Film Festival 2018

Best cinematography at the Blackbird Film Festival 2018

Beacon award at the Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival


Anna Sobolevska


Alina Semeryakova, Anna Sobolevska


Oleg Moskalenko, Daria Plahtii



Ukraine 2018 23 mins OV Ukrainian Subtitles : English

2058. Humanity has conquered death. It has happened that with the help of new technologies, corporations can digitize the souls of the dying and place them in the digital world beyond the grave forever. The digital worlds are very expensive. But there are also simple social worlds guaranteed by the state, where everyone is afraid to be. That’s why people put all their efforts trying to earn a decent afterlife.