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Quebec premiere
Selection 2019


Directed by Zach Lipovsky, Adam Stein

Hosted by Directors and Screenwriters Zack Lipovsky and Adam Stein


Official selection

Toronto International Film Festival 2018, Vancouver international Film Festival 2019


Best Feature Film, Paris International Fantastic Film Festival 2018

Audience Award, Les Utopiales 2019

Best Film, What the Fest…?! 2019


Zach Lipovsky, Adam Stein


Zach Lipovsky, Adam Stein


Amanda Crew, Bruce Dern, Emile Hirsch, Lexy Kolker, Grace Park


Well Go USA Entertainment

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Canada, USA 2019 105 mins OV English

“Visually stunning and emotionally honest… a fascinating take on paranoia and what makes people special”

“On a whole different level from most films of its ilk… a tremendous piece of entertainment, gripping from start to finish”
Jennie Kermode, EYE FOR FILM

“A cleverly constructed, thrilling and often super-surreal coming-of-age story that gets right into your head”
Anton Bitel, SCI-FI NOW

At seven years old, bright, lively little Chloe has never set foot outside the dilapidated suburban house she lives in with her loving yet seemingly unhinged father. “You’ve got to be a good hider, otherwise the bad guys will find you,” her daddy says. Fully trusting of his boundless protectiveness, Chloe is just a girl after all — and it’s getting harder to resist the sweet, enticing melody of ol’ Mr. Snowcone’s ice-cream truck beyond the door… Crossing over to a strange world that will feel just as unfamiliar to the viewer, she discovers a divided society where normalcy has taken on a new meaning.

Written, directed and produced by Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein, FREAKS starts off small and claustrophobic, only to expand into a rich, self-contained universe as façades slowly collapse and truths are revealed. Told entirely from Chloe’s innocent but discerning perspective, this genre-bending “mystery box” thriller stars young Lexy Kolker, who more than holds her own among her accomplished castmates. As the paranoid father, Emile Hirsch delivers his most nuanced performance since INTO THE WILD. Completing the trifecta is veteran actor Bruce Dern, who serves literal chills in the role of the mysterious, nameless ice-cream man. Add some solid performances by Amanda Crew (TONE DEAF, Fantasia 2019) and Grace Park to the mix, and you’re in for a treat yourself! From odd details to spectacular showdowns, the Lipovsky-Stein duo manages to consistently subvert expectations in the most brilliant of ways. A master lesson in storytelling, this Canadian sci-fi gem is full of surprises, and we recommend avoiding any further reading! See for yourself, freaks. - Alyssia Duval-N.