World Premiere
Underground Live

Fugitive Dreams

Directed by Jason Neulander

Mon August 31, 2020
7:15 PM

Festival Scope

Wed September 02, 2020
3:00 PM

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Jason Neulander


Jason Neulander, Caridad Svich


O-Lan Jones, David Patrick Kelly, April Matthis, Scott Shepherd, Robbie Tann


Michelle Randolph Faires, Jennifer Kuczaj, Jason Neulander, Peter Simonite


Peter Simonite

Sound Designer

Lyman Hardy III, Buzz Moran


Nathan Hamilton


Mike Saenz


Chemistry Laboratories LLC

USA 2020 97 mins OV English
Genre Drama

After the August 31st screening, join us at 9:00pm for a live Q&A with Director Jason Neulander, screenwriter and playwright Caridad Svich, Cinematographer Peter Simonite , Editor Mike Saenz, Actors April Matthis, Robbie Tann, Scott Shepherd, O-Lan Jones, David Patrick Kelly and Producers Michelle Randolph Faires and Jennifer Kuczaj

Red poppies shot on 8mm vibrate in the wind in the opening minutes of Jason Neulander’s FUGITIVE DREAMS. With a splash of colour, we are transported to Dorothy’s long slumber in THE WIZARD OF OZ. In a sharp cut, however, we return to the overcast grey of a dried-out crop field. Trees in the distance sway against an unwelcoming sky as John (Robbie Tann) and Mary (April Matthis) begin their journey. An adaptation of a play by Caridad Svich, co-written by director/producer Neulander, FUGITIVE DREAMS plunges into the very depth of the American soul. In this darkly funny adventure, two homeless people go on a strange and bewildering journey across middle America, meeting a cast of bizarre characters searching for compassion and healing. Inspired, in part, by the latchkey grit of pre-Code fugitive cinema, this bizarre and engaging adventure takes us train-hopping across America’s endless horizons. Shot with stunning black and white photography, the film’s rich visual language helps transport us to another world.

The film’s heart lies in the breakthrough performances of April Matthis and Robbie Tann. They serve as anchors across a bewildering landscape where they encounter increasingly strange personalities. The supporting cast, including Scott Shepherd (TRUE DETECTIVE), O-Lan Jones (EDWARD SCISSORHANDS), and David Patrick Kelly (THE WARRIORS, THE CROW), brings an unforgettable atmosphere to the movie, evoking the all-star character ensembles of Hollywood’s golden age. A film about resilience, FUGITIVE DREAMS is a bittersweet but integral portrait of America’s backroads and unsung folk heroes. – Justine Smith


Mon August 31, 2020
7:15 PM

Festival Scope

Wed September 02, 2020
3:00 PM

Festival Scope