International Premiere
Selection 2019

Garo - Under the Moonbow

Directed by Keita Amemiya

Hosted by Director Keita Amemiya



Keita Amemiya


Keita Amemiya


Natsumi Ishibashi, Atom Mizuishi, Masei Nakayama



Japan 2019 106 mins OV Japanese Subtitles : English
Genre AnimationAction

Lurking among us are the Horrors, ancient enemies of our kind. Holding the line against them, down through the ages, are the Makai Knights. Assuming the aspect of Golden Knight Garo, Raiga Saezima has vanquished one such demonic creature, but his magical armour has been tainted with evil. Furthermore, a Knight of the dark has materialized, and taken hold of Mayuri, so dear to Raiga. If he hopes to rescue her, Raiga must board a mysterious train destined for the netherworld. As he advances through the cars of this train, Raiga comes ever closer to confronting his own hidden truths…

Since the 1980s, Keita Amemiya has left his mark in countless corners of the universe of tokusatsu — Japanese science-fantasy cinema and TV — and beyond, in anime, video games and manga. A prolific director of films and TV, he’s equally celebrated as a renowned designer of uncanny characters, creatures, and costumes, and never lacks for surprising innovation and a self-aware flair that stands out in his field. His special touch can be found in several KAMEN RIDER series, and in his own original creations, like the legendary ZEIRAM and the enchanting anime TWEENY WITCHES. For the last decade and a half, though never without a number of projects on the go, Amemiya has focused on his ever-expanding world of GARO, an ongoing chronicle of otherworldly conflict. Entirely accessible to newcomers to the franchise, the latest entry GARO – UNDER THE MOONBOW is a prismatic refraction of Amemiya’s striking imagination, resplendent with Gothic gravitas and gritty techno-punk, mystical symbolism and elegant antique fantasy. – Rupert Bottenberg