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Hail to the Deadites

Directed by Steve Villeneuve



Steve Villeneuve


André Farant, Steve Villeneuve


Chris Alexander, Betsy Baker, Sarah Berry, Bruce Campbell, Richard DeManincor, Michael Gingold, Danny Hicks, Bill Mosely, Ted Raimi, Ellen Sandweiss, Tom Sullivan, Theresa Tilly, Kassie Wesley DePaiva


Glen Alexander


William Dio

Sound Designer

Robert Reider


Ian Blumfield


Steve Villeneuve


Jeromne Routhier, Steven Shea



Quebec 2020 78 mins OV English
Genre Documentary

In 1981, Sam Raimi's horror film EVIL DEAD was released, quickly becoming a cult classic. Six years later came EVIL DEAD II, then in 1992, the third part, ARMY OF DARKNESS, still produced by the same team. Three films that made a big impact in fantasy cinema, and built up a huge fan community over the years. HAIL TO THE DEADITES is about them, the “Deadites”, the name given to the demons in the film universe, but also borrowed by the biggest fans of the trilogy. Through a series of interviews with EVIL DEAD enthusiasts, as well as discussions with the films’ craftsmen, the documentary sheds light on the extent of this phenomenon, still immense today. Collectors, artists who have created works based on the franchise, a cosplayer of the iconic antihero Ash, and even the team behind Evil Dead: The Musical have their say.

With his first documentary UNDER THE SCARES, presented at Fantasia in 2011, Steve Villeneuve took the pulse of independent horror cinema. This second film, several years of hard work on a much more focused subject, was built through numerous visits to horror conventions and hundreds of encounters. In addition to the fans, the film is packed with exclusive interviews that will make fans of Ash Williams' adventures drool. People like Tom Sullivan, the man behind the special effects and creator of the iconic Book of the Dead, or the legendary actor Bruce Campbell, who steps away from his public persona here to deliver a very emotional and personal account of his fans. It's this year's must-see documentary for true horror fans: HAIL TO THE DEADITES, baby! Translation: Rupert Bottenberg