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Hit-and-Run Squad

Directed by Jun-hee Han



Han Joon-hee


Kim Kyung-chan


Kong Hyo-jin, Ryu Jun-yeol, Jo Jung-seok


815 Pictures

South Korea 2019 133 mins OV Korean Subtitles : English
Genre Action

Some cops just don’t know when to quit. After the failed bust of a corrupt police chief bribed by ruthless billionaire Jung Jae-chul (an excellent Jo Jung-seok), ambitious Internal Affairs detective Eun Shi-yeon (Kong Hyo-jin) is demoted to the Seoul police force’s hit-and-run squad, investigating vehicular homicides. Turns out, though, that the squad’s resident genius detective Suh Min-jae (Ryu Jun-yeol of BELIEVER) thinks Jae-chul is also responsible for an accident that left two dead and someone in jail who may be serving time on his behalf. It’s not easy to bust the super-rich, especially one who’s as cautious as Jae-chul. As smart as Shi-yeon is, and as unconventional as Min-jae is, this isn’t going to be easy – they’ll need some help from outside the force. Catching this killer will take a lot of gas, grease and grit, but the hit-and-run squad is about to put the pedal the metal and finally bring justice to the finish line.

HIT-AND-RUN SQUAD more than delivers the big-time, fast-paced entertainment of commercial South Korean cinema at its finest (best in the world, baby!). Expertly combining the cops-vs.-the-rich theme of Ryoo Seung-wan's sublime VETERAN with the best of the FAST & THE FURIOUS movies (feel free to insert your favourite installment here), HIT-AND-RUN SQUAD offers two memorable (and memorably flawed) adversaries and not one, not two, but three strong, capable women (Hyo-jin and police captains Yum Jung-ah and Jeon Hye-jin), who really help set the film apart from the usual testosterone-fueled car-chase movie. Writer/director Han Joon-hee has put together a crackerjack mix of cops, crooks and cars that delivers lotsa fun with some genuine surprises. Strap yourselves in for a real good time! - Matthew Kiernan