Canadian Premiere
Selection 2019

House of Hummingbird

Directed by Kim Bora

Hosted by Director Kim Bora


Official selection

Busan International Film Festival 2018, Berlin International Film Festival 2019, Tribeca Film Festival 2019, Seattle International Film Festival 2019


Tribeca International Narrative: Best Feature, Best Cinematography, Best Actress


Kim Bora


Kim Bora


Park Ji-hu, Kim Sae-byuk, Lee Seung-yeon, Jeong In-gi


Well Go USA Entertainment

South Korea 2019 138 mins OV Korean Subtitles : English
Genre Drama

“Sensitive, keenly observed and unflinchingly honest”

"Sensational… Korean indie drama par excellence”

One year after the acheivement of democracy in South Korea in 1993, Seoul is developing at a frantic pace and many are struggling to keep up. A good example is the Kim family, who maintain their modest business in a dilapidated neighbourhood from which citizens are being flushed in the push to modernize. Just like her mother and older sister, soft-spoken teenager Eun-hee cannot assert herself in this fundamentally patriarchal household that ignores both her aspirations, and the violence she endures at the hands of her brother, in whom everything is invested. As she dreams of becoming an artist, school doesn’t bring her much comfort either. She’s attached to her best friend Ji-suk and her passionate loves, until a new teacher, Young-ji, shows up for evening classes. A confident and liberated woman, Young-ji takes Eun-hee under her wing and teaches her much more than Mandarin — she teaches her to hold her head up and be respected.

Selected at the prestigious Berlin, Tribeca and Busan festivals, where it won two awards, HOUSE OF HUMMINGBIRD offers a powerful narrative of sweetness and subtlety in which every detail, be it a stealthy look or a simple gesture of the hand , enriches the story. With this phenomenally beautiful first feature, writer-director Kim Bora demonstrates such mastery of staging that one would think she were a storied veteran. Absolutely everything is perfectly balanced and put at the service of the development of the characters, to whom we attach and identify in all their humanity. Young actress Park Ji-hu (THE WITNESS) captures Eun-hee in a masterful way by infusing her with the dignity and quiet strength essential to the snaking journey through first love, broken friendships, inspiring encounters and experiments of all kinds, which will ultimately lead her to accept and assert herself. Filmmaker Kim Bora has just taken her place in the firmament of Korean film with the masterpiece HOUSE OF HUMMINGBIRD. – Nicolas Archambault