Canadian Premiere
Documentaries from the Edge

J.R. “Bob” Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius

Directed by Sandy K Boone

Hosted by Director Sandy K. Boone


Official selection

South by Southwest 2019, Dallas International Film Festival 2019, San Francisco Indie Fest 2019


Grand Jury Award Texas Feature at Dallas International Film Festival 2019


Sandy K Boone


Sandy K Boone, Jason Wehling


Gerald Casale, Penn Jillette, Richard Linklater, Nick Offerman, Douglass St. Clair Smith, Steve Wilcox


Michelle Randolph-Faires, Alyssa Spiller Sajovich, Jason Wehling, Suzanne Weinert


David Layton

Sound Designer

Eric Friend


Curtis Heath


Lauren Sanders


Lewis Klahr, Jonathan Seligson, Leah Shore


Sandy K Boone Productions

USA 2019 84 mins OV English

Young people of the modern world, harken unto the words inscribed here! For these may be the words that lead you out of nightmarish labyrinth of demeaning drudgery and spiritual emptiness devised for you by the malevolent Pinks! Read carefully, for your true potential as an inheritor of them sexy Yeti genes from Atlantis, your due reward of eternal Slack, oh glorious Slack, and possibly even your very sanity, may depend on it! Dedicate yourself today to the principles and precepts laid forth by J.R. “Bob” Dobbs, pipe-smoking prophet of the Church of the SubGenius!

Back at the dawn of the ’80s, the Internet was just a fanciful notion, coked-out corporate sociopathy was in full bloom, lo-fi punk aesthetics ruled the underground and the Age of Aquarius was drying up, leaving a sloppy mess of cults, sects and conspiracy theories in its wake. A couple of questionable characters in Texas, Rev. Ivan Stang and Dr. Philo Drummond, slyly introduced into the American mail-art circuit a cryptic invitation to send a dollar for salvation. Those stupid, brave, or visionary enough to do so received a pamphlet entitled The World Ends Tomorrow And You May Die!, a maniacal mash-up of kitschy clip-art, theological neologisms and lunatic-fringe cross-references. Thus began a small but potent countercultural movement, an in-crowd for outsiders, a viral pandemic of outrageous, subversive iconoclasm. With ample contributions from Stang, Drummond, and numerous SubGenius participants and devotees (including Richard Linklater, Nick Offerman, Penn Jillette and Devo’s Gerald Casale), Sandy K. Boone’s documentary captures the hilarious history of this cosmic joke that challenged the mores and mendacities of its moment, and in no few ways predicted the existential insanity of our own. – Reverend Otis Jones