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Canadian Premiere
Selection 2019

Judy and Punch

Directed by Mirrah Foulkes


Official selection

Sundance 2019


Mirrah Foulkes


Mirrah Foulkes


Mia Wasikowska, Damon Herriman, Benedict Hardie


Samuel Goldwyn Films

Australia 2019 106 mins OV English Subtitles : English
Genre DramaAction

“Bracingly original. A determinedly offbeat, often delightful mix of satire, whimsy and social critique”
Dennis Harvey, VARIETY

“A tonally complex comedy-drama about spousal abuse, infant mortality and misogyny told with magic tricks, puppets and slapstick”

Fairly popular performing artists in their lawless little town of Seaside, puppeteers Judy (Mia Wasikowska) and her baby’s father Punch (Damon Herriman) are seeking fame and fortune. While self-absorbed Punch proclaims to be the greatest of them all and desperately tries to be discovered by an agent, Judy is the real magic behind the curtain, the true creative force of the pair. And when wine-loving Punch indulges and binges, his violence increases and with it, an (not so) unexpected tragedy occurs. Judy’s fury is unleashed. With the help of the village’s freaks and undesirables, she will hunt, she will punish and she will punch back.

A world premiere at Sundance this year, Mirrah Foulkes’ feature debut is nothing short of a whirlwind of black comedy and violence. A very slapstick flick at times, JUDY AND PUNCH is quite simply a live-action extrapolation of the traditional puppet show, an old morality play with a modern twist, taking the story of the beaten (and worse) woman seeking revenge to a whole new level. Amid the theatricality of the marionette show hides the realism of a gripping drama, brought to life by incredible naturalistic performances. Domestic violence, cruel and opportunistic characters, patriarchy, and the witch-hunt of unfairly judged outcasts, JUDY AND PUNCH brings back the very purpose of olden-days puppet shows — to entertain, to share a satirical point of view, and sometimes, to criticize society quite sharply. The commedia dell’arte has never felt so current. – Celia Pouzet