World Premiere
Selection 2019

Killer Cup 3D : Les Gobelets qui TUENT de la Troisième Dimension

Directed by Jef .X

Hosted by Director Jef.X



Jef .X


Jef .X


Martin Plouffe, Marie-Noel Martinez, Amélie Fournier, Jacques Morissette, Nicholas Grenier, Gabriel Fournier, Laurent Gonel


Laurent Gadeyne


Thomas Berdinski


Jef Grenier

Graphic creation

Élise Beaudry

Sound mixing

Jef Grenier

Quebec 2019 98 mins OV French Subtitles : English
Genre Comedy

It?s been 20 years since Earth saw the first appearance of these vicious creatures, homicidal in nature and shaped like coffee cups. For the past two decades, they?ve attacked scores of human beings across the globe. Here is the story of a small group of Quebecois living in an isolated country house where they're still fighting off the invaders. They've discovered a secret that may help them finally put an end to this killer cup invasion.

This cinematic saga began for Jef Grenier (director of SANDMAN and BONBON ROUGE) in 1998 with KILLER CUP, a satirical student short that told the story of coffee cups getting revenge for the way they've been treated by humanity. The film's warm reception paved the way for the sequel KILLER CUP 2: LES GOBELETS QUI TUENT R'ATTAQUENT, which won the Audience Award in the DIY Short Film category at Fantasia 2004. A third installment was to be expected, and it's finally here as a full-blown feature film that includes a classic 3D sequence requiring the audience to wear old-school red-and-blue glasses. A genuine Ed Wood of Quebecois cinema, Jef Grenier has worked relentlessly hard (and on a practically non-existent budget) for the last 10 years to bring his ambitious vision to fruition, one which features, among other things, a thundering heavy metal soundtrack. If you're looking for an introspective, existential movie, look elsewhere. But if you?re down for a humble dose of hearty laughs, KILLER CUP 3D: LES GOBELETS QUI TUENT DE LA TROISIEME DIMENSION should definitely satisfy your craving for some good ol? Quebecois DIY. ? Translation: Guillaume Desbiens