World Premiere
Selection 2019

Le marathon Zappin' Party de DJ XL5

Directed by DJ XL5

Hosted by Simon Beaupré, Carnior, Caroline Labrèche & Steeve Léonard (Dead Cat Film), Daniel Salvas, Rémi Fréchette, Simon Lacroix, Mathieu Lavigne & François Pelletier, Daphnée Leduc-Laprise, François Simard, Anouk Whissell & Yoann-Karl Whissell (RKSS), Olaf Svenson and Daniel Walther





Festival International de films FANTASIA

International 2019 300 mins OV French

This extravagant evening revisits the 15-year career (so far!) of DJ XL5, a happy mix of everything that has made these programs what they are over the years. The DJ XL5 universe consists of clusters of crazy short films and thematic montages of film segments, old ads, nostalgic music videos and TV clips. Not sure which you prefer? This event mixes it all into a bulimic delirium of nearly five hours. An opportunity for you to discover the work of DJ XL5's local and international friends who have “pimped” him films, including some shorts made specifically for Zappin’ Party nights, and to remember some of the franchises to which DJ XL5 has always been faithful, including Happy Tree Friends, Dr. Tran and of course Simon's Cat. Several directors will be present on stage for the occasion.

What to expect? A maelstrom of eccentric video clips, irreverent short and medium-length movies, grotesque commercials, homemade mash-ups, unusual dubbing, shorts starring Daniel Walther, rare RKSS memorabilia, fake trailers, fake ad, and real TV and movie disasters. You'll see a Mini Putt Challenge, international wrestling, a short history of Daniel Spécialités ads, the "Batmeune" wedding, and a love scene involving a recalcitrant cheetah. You will understand why DJ XL5 is the best friend of movie buffs with Attention Deficit Disorder. The whole thing will be divided into three blocks of about 90 minutes. An opportunity finally to see the colossal work done by the two senior collaborators who accompanied DJ XL5 in his career, DJ Baragon (Éric Lavoie) and DJ Ryback (Éric Boisvert). Without them, none of this would have been possible. (Please note that a good portion of this program is in French without English subtitles.) – Marc Lamothe