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North American premiere
Cheval Noir Live

Legally Declared Dead

Directed by Yuen Kim-Wai

Wed September 02, 2020
7:00 PM

Festival Scope


Official selection

Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2019


Yuen Kim-Wai


Yuen Kim-Wai


Anthony Wong, Carlos Chan, Karena Lam, Kathy Yuen


Jason Siu


Ronnie Ching

Sound Designer

Tu Duu Chih, Wu Shu Yao


Yusuke Hatano, Timo Jaeger


Chung Kim-Wai


Emperor Motion Pictures

Hong Kong 2019 109 mins OV Cantonese Subtitles : English/Chinese
Genre HorrorThriller

A sketchy suicide triggers a righteous insurance broker to plunge into an investigation that puts his life at premium risk. The coroner declared it a suicide, but Mr. Yip is convinced that Mr. Chu may have murdered his own son, in an attempt to collect the insurance money – and his visually impaired wife may be next! During Yip’s search, a barrage of threats greets him, but the real mastermind may have orchestrated something more malicious, and those around him will soon reach critical danger levels.

An unsettling thriller from second-time director Yuen Kim-Wai, who truly enhances the genre by balancing a touchy topic, insurance collection and suicide, while remaining suspenseful from beginning to end, and populating his tale fully fleshed-out characters. Based on the famous Japanese novel Black House by Yusuke Kishi, Yuen, a veteran director of music videos and advertising, brings a strong visual style with a distinct Hong Kong feel, elevated by a beautifully haunting score by award-winning composer Yusuke Hatano (FULL STRIKE, Fantasia 2015). Anthony Wong (THE UNTOLD STORY, INFERNAL AFFAIRS) gives another unique, award-calibre performance as a disturbed father who may or may not be a monster. Arriving at the number-one spot at the local box office, and showered with positive feedback, LEGALLY DECLARED DEAD is now looking for Fantasia beneficiaries! – King-Wei Chu


Wed September 02, 2020
7:00 PM

Festival Scope