Quebec premiere
Selection 2019

Little Monsters

Directed by Abe Forsythe


Official selection

Sundance 2019, Calgary Underground Film Festival 2019, South by Southwest 2019


Abe Forsythe


Abe Forsythe


Alexander England, Josh Gad, Lupita Nyong'o


VVS Films

Australia 2019 94 mins OV English
Genre ThrillerHorror

Dave (Alexander England) is a deadbeat boyfriend, set on living his teenage dreams of making it as a musician, at the expense of every other aspect of his life. When he finds himself estranged from his friends and girlfriend, he has no choice but to fall back on his sister’s support. With her, he attempts, as best he can, to help care for his nephew. As he drives him to school, he meets his nephew’s teacher Miss Caroline (Lupita Nyong'o) and it’s love at first sight. He volunteers to chaperone a school trip with her and so they go, blissfully unaware their excursion will bring them, and a group of small children, right into the heart of a zombie outbreak.

Director Abe Forsythe (DOWN UNDER) has created a charming tale in which blood and guts are set against adorable children’s tunes and ukulele beats. Though the most uplifting of all is Nyong’o, who portrays both the sweetest and fiercest woman who’ll ever come across. For the sake of her students, she puts on a smile, pretending the whole ordeal is but a game set up for the group’s amusement, all the while annihilating any threat that comes their way. Her joy is contagious throughout and it’s an absolute blast to watch her act against Josh Gad, who is hilarious in his portrayal of a despicable kid’s entertainer. LITTLE MONSTERS deftly walks the line between comedy and horror, and the result is a film that’s at times roaring fun, and at others, surprisingly touching. – Tania Morissette