Mes Démons

Directed by Olivier Aubé


Official selection

RVCQ 2019


Olivier Aubé


Anthony Montreuil


Philomène Sennechael


Olivier Bouchard


Félix Bouffard-Dumas



Quebec 2018 19 mins OV French Subtitles : English
Genre ComedyDrama

Johan is a young adult with social difficulties since always. Just finishing his police technique, he sees his universe collapse when he is denied access to the National Police School of Quebec. Depressed ever since, Johan has lost control of his life and tries, with the help of his entourage, to fight his demons by becoming the superhero of his neighborhood. Accompanied by a reporting team throughout his preparations, the young man tries to do justice to himself by intervening for the very first time in the criminal environment. He hopes to give meaning to his life and a legacy to the community.