Presented by The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Canada)

Quebec premiere
Selection 2019


Directed by Pang Ho-Cheung



Pang Ho-Cheung


Pang Ho-Cheung


June Lam, Isabel Chan, Gigi Leung, Dada Chan, Patrick Tse, Susan Shaw

Hong Kong 2019 90 mins OV Cantonese Subtitles : English/Chinese
Genre Comedy

A terrible mistake reunites a gang of estranged drama queens in search of human breast milk throughout Hong Kong! Debt-ridden June has accidentally used her boss’ breast milk from the fridge. Now the clock is ticking and she must find a replacement before the news leaks out. Desperate for help, she calls her once-close friends to help her find a bottle with human breast milk! No animal substitutes! The friends must be put aside their personal grudges to accomplish this task at all costs! Many complications await them as they run around the city, encountering cocky kids ready to extort them, dressing up to sneak into people’s homes, and crossing paths with numerous opportunists ready to milk their advantage before the mission is accomplished.

Hong Kong director Pang Ho-Cheung strikes back with comic vengeance after a two-year hiatus (his VULGARIA and DREAM HOME won Audience Awards at Fantasia, and his LOVE IN A PUFF series played here) in this utterly ridiculous and politically incorrect comedy caper, shot in an incredibly fast two weeks with a big slice of improvisation. The film moves fast at a very lean 90 minutes without milking the concept too much, and is nicely filtered with super hilarious bits and scene-stealing veterans including Patrick Tse, Susan Shaw, Miriam Yeung and of course, Johnny To regular Lam Suet as the world’s absolute worst waiter. MISSBEHAVIOR is ready to pump your funny bones. – King-Wei Chu