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Quebec premiere
Selection 2020 On Demand

No Longer Human

Directed by MIka Ninagawa


Official selection

2019 Vancouver International Film Festival, 53rd Japanese Film Festival in Russia, 2019 Japan Cuts, Hollywood Film Festival


Mika Ninagawa


Kaeko Hayafune


Shun Oguri, Erika Sawajiri, Fumi Nikaido, Rie Miyazawa


Asmik Ace, Inc.

Japan 2019 121 mins OV Japanese Subtitles : English
Genre Drama

Osamu Dazai (Shun Oguri, GINTAMA 1 & 2) is considered one of the greatest authors of the post-war period. Nevertheless, his life was more than stormy and his addiction to alcohol and women is widely documented. At the time, persistent rumours were already tarnishing his reputation. He’s already the father of two children, and his wife Michiko (Rie Miyazawa, TOO YOUNG TO DIE!) is pregnant, but that doesn't stop him from going to the bars that are popular in the literary world, always in search of new mistresses. Running low on inspiration, he meets Shizuko (Erika Sawajiri, HELTER SKELTER), an aspiring writer whom he sees as a potential muse. The two indulge in a burning passion, but Osamu is not yet satiated and he sets out to conquer young Tomie (Fumi Nikaido, who you can also see this year in TEZUKA'S BARBARA and FLY ME TO THE SAITAMA). If she is reluctant at first, she lets herself be seduced by the author. Thus is born a toxic relationship that will have a colossal impact on their future.

The life of Osamu Dazai and his masterpiece No Longer Human have left their mark on Japanese popular culture, as witnessed by the animated series, manga (including one by Junji Ito, creator of UZUMAKI) and films devoted to them. For this new adaptation, filmmaker Mika Ninagawa (HELTER SKELTER) brings her unique vision of this controversial character, through the love stories that led him to decadence, but also to genius, as the women he met inspired his ultimate work. A renowned photographer, Ninagawa brings a breathtaking visual style, sumptuous art direction and gorgeous costumes. Supported by an exceptional cast, NO LONGER HUMAN brilliantly fuses the story of Osamu Dazai and the pop culture it inspired. Translation: Rupert Bottenberg