International Premiere
Selection 2020 On Demand


Directed by Jorge Michel Grau


Official selection

Morelia International Film Festival, Los Cabos International Film Festival


Jorge Michel Grau


Anton Goenechea


Paulina Davila, José María De Tavira, Cristina Rodlo


Natalia Echeverri, Juan Uruchurtu


Santiago Sanchez


Enrico Chapela


David Gallo


Dynamo Productions

Mexico, Colombia 2020 106 mins OV Spanish Subtitles : English
Genre DramaThriller

Eric (José María de Tavira) is a man in crisis. The conductor of a prestigious Mexican philharmonic, his seemingly happy life is shattered by the abrupt breakup with his longtime girlfriend, Carolina (Paulina Dávila), who leaves him with only a goodbye video and nothing else. Now alone in the remote house they shared, he finds himself devastated and unable to focus. But soon he meets Fabiana (Cristina Rodlo), and finds himself returning to life. However, Fabiana soon learns that Carolina's departure is more mysterious than she was led to believe. They're living in a house filled with secrets... and they're not alone.

PERDIDA marks the very welcome Fantasia return of Jorge Michel Grau, whose 2010 cannibal drama WE ARE WHAT WE ARE remains a modern classic. PERDIDA finds Grau in Hitchcock/De Palma territory and he's produced one of the best, most sustained thrillers of the last few years. A remake of Andrés Baiz's acclaimed THE HIDDEN FACE from 2011 (also remade in India and Turkey!), Grau superbly creates suspense through contemporary architecture (not unlike PARASITE, though both films shot at the same time) and a love triangle that consistently surprises. Those looking to grab their armchairs in suspense for 106 minutes are going to love PERDIDA, though you'll definitely need to replace your chair once it's done. – Matthew Kiernan