Quebec premiere
My First Fantasia

Petite Étincelle

Directed by Julie Rembauville


Official selection

Lesofanten Fest 2020, Filmets: Badalona Film Festival 2020, Tromsø International Film festival 2020, Tel Aviv International Children's Film Festival 2020, Hiroshima International Animation Festival, Flickfair 2020, Life After Oil: International Film Festival 2020, Almagro International Film Festival 2020, Cineco: Les Nuits du court and 120 other selections


Maxence Camelin


Prototypes Productions

France 2019 3 mins OV - Without dialogue
Genre AnimationFamily

A small mouse lives in the middle of books and their epic adventures. When the candle goes out and when the matchbox is empty, it’s her turn to live a dangerous adventure throught the house, in search of a small spark.