Phantom of Winnipeg

Directed by Malcolm Ingram, Sean Stanley

Hosted by Directors Malcolm Ingram and Sean Stanley, plus Edward R. Pressman and Paul Williams!



Malcolm Ingram, Sean Stanley


Sean Stanley


Peter Elbling, Gerrit Graham, Ed Pressman, Paul Williams


Malcolm Ingram, Matt Thomas


Andrew MacDonald, Duraid Munajim

Sound Designer

Eric Conway


Martin Rae


Sean Stanley


TCB Productions

Canada 2019 77 mins OV English

There's a saying about the band The Velvet Underground: They didn't sell a lot of records, but everyone who bought one started a band. The same can be said of Brian de Palma's 1974 horror rock musical satire THE PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE, a box office and critical flop in '74 (though Paul Williams' song score was nominated for an Academy Award). Over the years, such talents like Guillermo Del Toro, Edgar Wright and Daft Punk have acknowledged as an influence. But way ahead of the curb were the teenagers of Winnipeg, Manitoba, who very unexpectedly made PHANTOM a huge local success, playing theatrically for over a year, long after it had disappeared everywhere else (even outgrossing JAWS!), and where seemingly everyone had a copy of the soundtrack. It left its mark on an entire generation of 'Peggers and it lives on there to this day. But why Winnipeg? And why PHANTOM?

Malcolm Ingram and Sean Stanley's PHANTOM OF WINNIPEG finds those teens who made it a local smash and the talent behind the film (including producer Ed Pressman, and Williams), along with fan Kevin Smith, to answer those questions and uncover why certain works of art connect with us so strongly at such an impressionable age. It's about how one thing — a movie, a song, a book — can make a deep personal connection that never leaves you and what that means to the artists. A wonderful reminder that THE PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE should be as big throughout the world as it was in Winnipeg, PHANTOM OF WINNIPEG captures more than a time, it expertly captures the feeling that personally defines you that only great movies and music can bring. In other words, it's a movie for all Fantasians.– Matthew Kiernan