Canadian Premiere
Axis Closing film


Directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi


Official selection

Annecy 2019


Hiroyuki Imaishi


Kazuki Nakashima


Kenichi Matsuyama, Taichi Saotome, Ayane Sakura, Hiroyuki Yoshino



Japan 2019 111 mins OV Japanese

“A fast and furious ride… Just try to leave the theater without feeling a blazing passion in your guts”
– Matt Schley, JAPAN TIMES

It has been 30 years since bottled-up human rage erupted into a great flame war that engulfed the globe. In the embers of that conflagration, humanity has rebuilt its civilization with every precaution in mind. But all it takes to start a fire is a spark, and there are those who would burn it all to the ground again. It’s up to cocky Galo Thymos and his elite squad of firefighters to keep the peace in the city of tomorrow. Alongside his maverick team — Lucia, Varys, Remi and Ignis — Galo springs into action at the sound of the fire alarm. Gripping tight the controls of powerful, high-tech firefighting machines, they crash in to confront the fiery terrorists of Burnish Mad. The situation is getting hot, some needs to hose the villains down and put them on ice. Burning Rescue… dispatch!

Extreme heat never looked so cool! Director Hiroyuki Imaish and wrtiter Kazuki Nakashima, who’ve together previously on GURREN LAGANN and KILL LA KILL, are at the wheel for the first feature film from edgy anime studio Trigger, the original creation PROMARE. A wild ride from the word go, PROMARE hides potent reflections on good versus bad, and what it takes the keep a top team intact. Shigeto Koyama, a veteran of the EVANGELION “redos” and Fantasia award-winner NAPPING PRINCESS, deserves special mention for his inspired character and mechanical designs. A raging riot of bright colours, daring design, crazy characters and whiplash action, the maniacally dynamic and dazzling PROMARE isn’t just the most thrilling anime feature of the year, it’s a genuine Pop Art masterpiece. – Rupert Bottenberg