Sell Out!

Directed by Yeo Joon Han

Sun December 19, 2021
4:15 PM



Jerrica Lai, Peter Davis


Astro Shaw

Malaysia 2008 110 mins

Silver Award winner for Best Asian Film and Most Innovative Film at Fantasia 2010, Yeo Joon Han’s SELL OUT! remains to this day a unique and oft requested cult classic from Malaysia, blending the zany musical with a biting anti-corporate satire that takes aim at the culture of middle management as much as it does mass media in the South East Asian context. Pitched somewhere between NETWORK and Monty Python’s THE LIFE OF BRIAN, Yeo’s film is one of sincere, hilarious prodding and poking as it follows a narcissistic TV host named Rafflesia, whose art show is going to be taken off the air, when she crosses paths with pushover Pong, who also works for the “Fony Corporation”, tasked with creating the ultimate soymilk machine and surviving the absurd demands of his boss. A fun film about creating product, art, meaning—something!—in a dull, dull world… with karaoke to liven things up!


Sun December 19, 2021
4:15 PM