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World Premiere
Selection 2020 Live


Directed by Lloyd Kaufman

Sat August 29, 2020
9:30 PM

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Lloyd Kaufman


Brandon Bassham


Zac Amico, Frazer Brown, Vada Callisto, Catherine Corcoran, Elizabeth D'Ambrosio, Monique Dupree, Amanda Flowers, Ahkai Franklin, Zoë Geltman, Dai Green, Dylan Mars Greenberg, Teresa Hui, Lloyd Kaufman, Kate McGarrigle, Erin Miller, Julie Ann Prescot, Debbie Rochon, Abraham Sparrow, Nadia White


Justin Brennan, Patricia Kaufman, Justin Martell


Lucas Pitassi

Sound Designer

Michael Suarez


Filipe Melo


Sebastian Martinez


Troma Entertainment, Inc.

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USA 2020 94 mins OV English
Genre Comedy

Join us on August 29 at 11:10pm EDT for a live Q&A with Director Lloyd Kaufman, Producers Pat Kaufman, John Brennan and Actors Zoë Geltman, Dylan Greenberg, Amanda Flowers, Teresa Hui, Monique Dupree, Debbie Rochon, Zac Amico, Erin Miller and Kate McGarrigle

Mad scientist Prospero (Lloyd Kaufman) runs away with his blind daughter Miranda (Kate McGarrigle) to Tromaville, hiding from evil pharmaceutical execs, including his own sister Antoinette (Lloyd Kaufman… in drag!) who ruined his career after he found the cure against opioid addiction. With the help of a handicaped crack-whore (Amanda Flowers), he releases a massive amount of laxative to whales, while his enemies are on a cruise ship to North Korea. A humongous shitstorm washes the boat away and brings them to Tromaville. Prospero can now fully realize his ultimate vengeance
Twenty-five years after TROMEO AND JULIET, William Shakespeare’s The Tempest becomes #SHAKESPEARSSHITSTORM, a Kaufman-style satire of this “brave new world” intolerant of different opinions, allergic to microaggressions, and excessively petulant. Here’s uncle Lloyd and his Tromanarchist gang again, giving a much-needed middle finger to hyper-hypocrisy, and laughing at America's self-righteousness. A hurricane of madness, a cinematic unfiltering, celebrating 45 years of irreverent filmmaking, for the joy of demented cinephiles everywhere. This movie is shit! No really, it’s literally… poop. Turd. Anus. Fart. Boobs. Dick. Strippers. Drugs. Vomit. Jizz. More shit. Diaherra. Crap. Feces. It’s a gigantic overload of every bodily fluid, existing or imagined, in the most offensive, triggering, crass, juvenile and stupid film you could have ever hoped for. If you need a reminder of what truly underground cinema is, here’s a spoonful of Troma-dope and a used needle – shoot it right up! #SHAKESPEARSSHITSTORM is the bomb! – Celia Pouzet


Sat August 29, 2020
9:30 PM

Festival Scope