Quebec premiere
Selection 2020 On Demand

Sheep Without A Shepherd (Wu Sha)

Directed by Sam Quah



Sam Quah


Sam Quah


Joan Chen, Xiao Yang, Paul Chun, Tan Zhuo


815 Pictures

China 2019 112 mins OV Mandarin Subtitles : English
Genre DramaThriller

Li and his family are happily living in Thailand, and his biggest vice is quoting film references non-stop, to people’s annoyance! After all, he indulged into a modest 800 films last year! All hell breaks loose when his teen daughter accidentally kills a spoiled classmate over a blackmail video. The dead boy’s father happens to be a big-shot politician and his mother, a ruthless police chief who manages to solve the most impossible cases with ease. Desperate to ascertain the fate of her son, the Chief will stop at absolutely nothing in her merciless interrogation tactics to extract a confession. Li devises an extraordinary alibi that may not require lying, just merely some exaggeration and manipulation of certain elements. Armed with his film-knowledge arsenal and wits, Li prepares every possible countermove for what awaits his family.

Released to stellar box office results in China, outperforming IP MAN 4 and the last STAR WARS, greeted with a slew of positive feedback, and inspired by the popular Indian thriller DRISHYAM, SHEEP WITHOUT A SHEPHARD is a relentless, edge-of-your-seat cat-and-mouse thriller from beginning to end, unfolding a like an elaborate chess game between two tough grandmasters. First-time director Sam Quah make an impressive splash, injecting the right dosage of dark comedy, emotional nuance, and tension, while exploring corruption, abuse of power, and class discrimination. Featuring some of the finest actors from China, Hollywood, and Hong Kong, including character actor Philip Keung (WITNESS OUT OF THE BLUE, ROBBERY), award-winning HK icon Paul Chun (FIST OF LEGEND) and of course Joan Chen (TWIN PEAKS, THE LAST EMPEROR) as the merciless police chief! – King-Wei Chu