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SPL: Kill Zone

Directed by Wilson Yip



Wilson Yip


Wilson Yip, Szeto Kam-Yuen, Jack Ng


Donnie Yen, Sammo Hung, Simon Yam, Wu Jing

Hong Kong 2005 93 mins OV Cantonese Subtitles : English
Genre ClassiqueActionMartial Arts

Detective Chan (Simon Yam) is close to retirement, but his team has yet to take down the notorious crime lord Po (Sammo Hung). Enter Chan’s replacement, Ma (Donnie Yen), with an infamous reputation for martial arts skills that may equal Po’s. But after finding a video of a murder, Chan and his men attempt to frame Po with unorthodox methods. But Po, always a step ahead, walks out unscathed due to technicalities, and dispatches his number-one (Wu Jing) to slowly eliminate the cops one by one. Frustrated with loopholes in the law, Ma is set to clash with Po in an avalanche of MMA fists.

Before IP MAN, Donnie Yen and award-winning director Wilson Yip collaborated on a brutal martial-arts masterpiece! Imagine some of the wildest 1990s Hong Kong action meets JOHN WICK, but with bloodier and more spectacular action, headlined by kung-fu legends Sammo Hung (IP MAN 2), Donnie Yen and newcomer Wu Jing (WOLF WARRIORS). Filled with some of the most exhilarating martial arts around, including the infamous alley fight with Yen vs. Wu that was copied, spoofed, and recently remixed online with light sabres, and concluding with Yen vs. Hung in pure MMA mayhem! Yen won a coveted Best Action award at the HK Film Awards for his breathtaking choreography. SPL finally makes its Fantasia debut – are you ready for the kill zone? – King-Wei Chu