Steampunk Connection

Directed by Annie Deniel

Hosted by Director Annie Deniel



Annie Deniel


Marie Dietlin, Pierre-Frédéric Chénier

Sound Designer

Mélanie Gauthier, Sandy Pinteus


Jardin Mécanique, Tambour


Annie Deniel



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Quebec 2019 76 mins OV French Subtitles : English

You may be surprised to learn that the global steampunk community is about 4 million strong, bringing together individuals with a strong passion for an alternate future, in which steam has remained the primary energy source. With an aesthetic rooted in London circa the Industrial Revolution, and taking much from the literary worlds of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, it highlights elements like zeppelins, Victorian gentlemen’s attire and steam-fueled mechanical gadgets. It’s a fictitious, futuristic trope that gives us the means to question today's technological revolution by comparing it to an obsolete technology of a bygone era.

Engaging with individuals of all ages who share this common passion, director Annie Deniel paints a portrait of this little-known alternative community. Filmed in five countries (Canada, USA, Luxembourg, Austria and France) over the course of three years, the documentary follows a trio of protagonists, linking Quebec's steampunk community to the rest of the world. A sculptor who builds steampunk-inspired metal structures aiming for an international breakthrough, a retired teacher who now creates costumes for the community, and a craftsman/collector who drifts through the conventions where he shares his passion with like-minded individuals — all three will take their artistic ambitions to the next level as they try to evolve creatively, going as far as sharing projects with one another. While the doc takes the time to explain the nature and history of the steampunk aesthetic, its main focus is the artistic and philosophical quests of the people at the heart of the film. The soundtrack by Jardin Mécanique, a Quebec progressive rock band directly influenced by the movement's imagery, creates an inspired symbiosis with the subject. STEAMPUNK CONNECTION instills a feeling of nostalgia and creative freedom that will welcome neophytes while honouring those already convinced. – Translation : Guillaume Desbiens