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Sting of Death

Directed by William Grefé



Grefé William


Kerwin William


Morrison Joe, Vella John, Hawkins Valerie


Fink Richard S.


Chávez Julio, Roldan Julio


Norman Lon


Chávez Julio C.


Arrow Films

USA 1966 80 mins OV English
Genre HorrorClassique

Karen is visiting her father, a marine biologist, at his island complex somewhere in the Everglades. She is accompanied by four of her student friends, each with a different hair colour. The group is greeted by John, Professor Richardson's young assistant, and Egon, an awful, mutant-looking character. John informs the guests that a group of biology-student friends will be arriving shortly to celebrate. After drinking a beer and wiggling with abandon to Neil Sedaka’s “Do the Jellyfish”, the young people decide to intimidate and ridicule Egon. Big mistake! The youngsters are soon attacked by what could be the one and only Medusa-man in the history of cinema. The result is a breathtaking hovercraft race and multiple adventures. Fascinated by the young student, Egon finally kidnaps Karen and flees with her to his secret lair. Egon turns out to be an unsung genius, twisted and transformed by the fumes from his aquarium containing rare and deadly jellyfish.

The salty air is mixed here with a somewhat confused staging and a generous multiplication of mistakes and a clumsiness not found in any professional film. This production today can be seen as a strange manifesto for another era and a completely different way of doing and saying things. Several things add to the charm of this film. One of them is the varying size of the bruise on Dr. Richardson's forehead depending on the scene in the film. The editing as well as the problems of perspective and axis in the direction of the shot show the highly independent nature of this adventure. The film adds to the all-too-short list of a forgotten genre, productions centered around a group of delinquent teenage rock ’n’ roll fans and their encounter with a deviant beach monster. Too long missing or available in less than optimal versions, STING OF DEATH is finally presented to you in a restored version thanks to Arrow Video. – Marc Lamothe