Canadian Premiere
Selection 2023

Suitable Flesh

Directed by Joe Lynch

Hosted by Director Joe Lynch, Musical Composer Steve Moore.



Joe Lynch


Dennis Paoli


Heather Graham, Judah Lewis, Barbara Crampton, Bruce Davison


IFC Films

USA 2023 100 mins OV English

“Until that thing knocked on my door, I thought I was in control.” SUITABLE FLESH, the newest feature from filmmaker Joe Lynch (MAYHEM), follows Dr. Elizabeth Derby (Heather Graham), a well-respected psychiatrist working out of Miskatonic University who has written the book on out-of-body experiences. After a young patient, Asa Waite (Judah Lewis), shows up at her office seeking help, Elizabeth becomes obsessed with his case and the young man himself. Unbeknownst to her, this visit leads to the murder of Asa and a downward spiral of sex, possession, and death as she tries to piece together the mystery of the beast she has become involved with.

As a tribute to the late, great Stuart Gordon, SUITABLE FLESH reunites RE-ANIMATOR and FROM BEYOND alumni with horror icon Barbara Crampton, screenwriter Denis Paoli, and executive producer Brian Yuzna, joining forces with Lynch to forge a macabre supernatural erotic horror film straight from the depths of the abyss. Featuring killer performances from Crampton, Graham (BOOGIE NIGHTS), and Lewis (THE BABY SITTER), SUITABLE FLESH builds upon the trappings of the film-noir and thriller genres. Updating them for the modern age, Lynch brings a healthy dose of his dark humour and distinct stylized direction that we’ve all came to love. Underneath all the possessions and beheadings is a poignant allegory for how the systems in place to treat mental health are fundamentally flawed — misdiagnosis, mistreatment, and general disregard for what patients know they are feeling within their own skin. Adapted from H.P. Lovecraft’s THE THING ON THE DOORSTEP, Lynch’s fifth feature film is a must-see for all fans of Lovecraftian horror as it delivers a tense and disturbing experience that will worm its way into your brain for days on end. – Vincenzo Nappi