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Super Deluxe

Directed by Kumararaja Thiagarajan



Kumararaja Thiagarajan


Nalan Kumarasamy, Mysskin, Neelan, Kumararaja Thiagarajan


Samantha Akkineni, Fahad Faasil, Ramya Krishnan, Mysskin, Vijay Sethupathy


Ezhilmathy S.D., Kumararaja Thiagarajan


Vinod P.S., Nirav Shah


Yuvan Shankar Raja


Sathyaraj Natarajan


Tyler Durden and Kino Fist

India 2019 172 mins OV English Subtitles : English
Genre Drama

“[A] mix of dark comedy, brutal thriller and Douglas Sirkian melodrama… inexcusably fascinating even as it methodically jumps a school of sharks…”
Joe Leydon, VARIETY

During a single day — and what a day! — in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, four destinies become forever entwined. Young wife Vaembu cheats on her husband and finds herself with the lifeless body of her lover on her hands! Jyothi expects to reconnect with her husband Manickam, who left her seven years ago, but discovers instead that he changed sex and is now named Shilpa. Elsewhere, five teenagers, including the young Soori, rent some pornography, only to discover that one of their mothers is the star! And finally, the fury of a son leads the whole bunch of them to Arputham, the priest of a pseudo-apocalyptic sect dedicated to the God who saved him from a tsunami! And that's just the beginning!

With SUPER DELUXE, Thiagarajan Kumararaja delivers one of the most crazy, ambitious films in contemporary Indian cinema (and Tamil cinema in particular), inspired by “hyperlink” cinema like Paul Thomas Anderson’s MAGNOLIA, to paint a cosmic fresco of absurd connections, implausible coincidences, and delicious digressions over an epic three hours! Such cinematographic journeys are typical of Indian cinema, but the principle is subverted here in favour of an unusual perspective — the story’s developments fit together cumulatively, to create the impression of an infinite, unpredictable narrative with a thousand possibilities. Kumararaja (AARANYA KAANDAM) unveils a deliberately overloaded film, exploring countless facets of his community, as well as the human relationship to faith and the unknown. Blending multiple genres, from melodrama to science fiction, thriller and comedy, SUPER DELUXE is built like an exquisite corpse, rich in colours and textures, perfectly harmonizing popular trends in Indian cinema with echoes of its silver-screen heritage. – Translation: Rupert Bottenberg