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The Boxer's Omen

Directed by Kuei Chih-Hung



Kuei Chih-Hung


Szeto On


Philip Ko, Elvis Tsui, Bolo Yeung, Wang Lung-Wei

Hong Kong 1983 107 mins OV Cantonese Subtitles : English/Chinese
Genre HorrorMartial Arts

Bewitched by an evil wizard, bigshot gangster Hung must purge his current life of boxing, debauchery, gambling and killing, and rematerialize as a monk to defeat evil supernatural forces and save himself from a doomed fate! His first test begins when he encounters a vengeful Thai master who has the power to unleash deadly bats, crocodiles, needles — and ability to detach his own head, using the veins to strangle his intended victim! Lurking deeper into the shadow are three other masters who are using sinister ingredients — chicken, eels, puke, and recycled puke — to create a deadly yet beautiful woman born from entrails of a crocodile. Can Hung continue his mission as a monk to retrieve the Golden Ashes in Nepal before he goes totally blind from the sexy femme fatale, or will his old habits haunt him?

Mystical kung fu meets black magic that will renew your appetite for truly outrageous horror extravagancy. Imagine a perversely twisted horror version of DEMON OF THE LUTE (Fantasia 2014) and the craziest martial arts imaginable, filmed with practical effects and stop-motion with kinky undertones, like some twisted mix of early Peter Jackson, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Ching Siu-Tung (CHINESE GHOST STORY)! In actuality, THE BOXER’S OMEN was directed by one of the true masters of Hong Kong horror and exploitation cinema, Kuei Chih-Hung! Kuei’s controversial and prolific career gave us notorious gems of the genre KILLER SNAKES, HEX and BIG BROTHER CHENG! Screenwriter Szeto On (BUDDHA’S PALM) spent months doing research on the Asian occult before bringing Kuei’s final horror film to life. Long out of print for home video, this is Shaw Brothers’ most infamous horror opus, the one that has to be seen to be believed if you think you’ve seen it all. Experience the first Canadian screeningof BOXER’S OMEN in beautifully destructive 35mm, in 36 years ! – King-Wei Chu