Quebec premiere

The Moon in the Hidden Woods

Directed by Takahiro Umehara

Hosted by Director Takahiro Umehara


Official selection

Bucheon International Animation Film Festival 2018, Spark Animation 2018


Bucheon International Animation Film Festival 2018 - Special Distinction Prize


Takahiro Umehara


Takahiro Umehara, Kwon O Hyun


Lee Jihyon, Jung Yoojung, Kim Yul


Kwon Hwa-young, Jung Junggyun

South Korea 2018 97 mins OV Korean Subtitles : English
Genre AnimationFamilyFantasy

Long ago, the moon disappeared, and the world has been bereft of its bright blessings. The night was usurped by Muju, the red sky, and with it came catastrophe and creatures to beware. More subtle, though, was the corruption of men. The new world is not without its wonders, however, as Princess Navillera discovers when she flees the castle and the clutches of Count Tar, a sinister pretender to the throne. On the noisy streets of Trade City, she finds herself in the middle of a thrilling drum-beat contest. Chaos erupts when both the royal guard and a gang of meteorite thieves come crashing through. Navillera soon enough finds herself racing into the wasteland with the musician Janggu and his band of outlaws, as Muju takes command of the night, frightening hordes of Shadows emerge, and fate shakes the world – and the heavens above!

Shining bright among the animated features at Fantasia this year is the South Korean production THE MOON IN THE HIDDEN WOODS. Japan’s Takahiro Umehara arrives with an exhaustive resume of character design and animation direction, including BEYBLADE, CLAYMORE, and several Marvel anime series. THE MOON IN THE HIDDEN WOODS marks his directorial debut, and he makes the most of every moment of it. He’s struck just the right balance here, an exquisite blend of steampunk, Korean folk styles and otherworldy fantasy, peppering his classic adventure tale with a steady stream of innovative ideas and dazzling visual delights. Don’t miss your chance to discover THE MOON IN THE HIDDEN WOODS! – Rupert Bottenberg