Canadian Premiere
Selection 2019

The Only Thing I Love More Than You Is Ranch Dressing

Directed by Sydney Brafman


Official selection

Glasgow Horror Fest: Bite Size OFFICIAL SELECTION UK 2019 IndieWorks OFFICIAL SELECTION NYC 2019 NYC Indie Film Fest OFFICIAL SELECTION NYC 2019 What the Fest ?! OFFICIAL SELECTION IFC Center NYC 2019 Iron Mule Comedy Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION Alamo Drafthouse BK 2019 Wizard World Comic-Con OFFICIAL SELECTION Portland 2019 Portland Horror Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION Portland 2019 Russian International Horror Film Festival SEMI FINALIST Russia 2019 Chattanooga Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION Chattanooga, TN 2019 Martini Shot Salon Screening Brooklyn, NY 2019 Hard Times Christmas Liquors at the Sunset Bar Wing Nite Screening Brooklyn 2019 Short. Sweet. Film Fest OFFICIAL SELECTION Cleveland, OH 2019 Final Girls Berlin Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION Berlin 2019 Short to the Point International Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION Bucharest, ROMANIA 2018 Southern States Indie Fan Film Festival FINALIST Bilxoi, MI 2019 15 Second Horror Film Challenge WINNER 27th Place Online 2018 BEST FEMALE DIRECTOR Top 5 WINNER 4th Place BEST BODY HORROR Top 10 WINNER 6th Place BEST TWIST ENDINGS Top 10 WINNER 8th Place TROMA TROMATIC PICKS Top 5 WINNER 4th Place JUDGE PICKS NAJARRA TOWNSEND Top 5 WINNER 2nd Place JUDGE PICKS JENNILEE MURRAY Top 5 WINNER 4th Place JUDGE PICKS MARK TORGL Top 5 WINNER 4th Place JUDGE PICKS SPOOKY ASTRONAUTS Top 10 WINNER 8th Place


Sydney Brafman


Sydney Brafman


Madison McGhee, James Soller


Nikki Neenan


Nick Shultz


Kelly Neal


Sydney Brafman

USA 2018 1 mins OV English
Genre Comedy