Canadian Premiere
Selection 2019

Tokyo Ghoul ‘S‘

Directed by Takuya Kawasaki, Kazuhiko Hiramaki



Kazuhiko Hiramaki, Takuya Kawasaki


Chuji Mikasano


Masataka Kubota, Shota Matsuda, Maika Yamamoto


Funimation Productions

Japan 2019 101 mins OV Japanese Subtitles : English
Genre DramaActionThriller

Tokyo’s Ward 20 hasn’t seen the last of the ghouls, those seemingly human super-predators who satisfy their ravenous appetite for our flesh and blood with only the barest discretion. Everyone in the district is glued to their screens — a popular model has been murdered, most certainly by a ghoul, except this one feasted on nothing but her eyes. Could the notorious and elusive ghoul they call “the Gourmet” be in town? And will he cross paths with Ken Kaneki? A quiet, awkward lad, Kanek?i’s unique and freakish dual nature places him in a precarious position — at risk among both the humans we wants to protect, and the clandestine community of ghouls whose monstrous nature he shares. The Counter-Ghoul Commission is stalking the alleys of Ward 20, raising the stakes, and hidden in the shadows of the ghoul scene, Kaneki discovers, are startling secrets about his own terrible transformation.

In 2017, Fantasia presented TOKYO GHOUL, the live-action adaptation of the immensely popular urban-horror manga by Sui Ishida, a gruesome yet pensive dark fantasy in the same sinister zone as DEATH NOTE and PARASYTE. The moody intrigue and twisted terror take hold again in the sequel TOKYO GHOUL ‘S‘, another round of blood and black leather on the midnight streets of Tokyo! Masataka Kubota, of 13 ASSASSINS and this year’s GINTAMA 2: RULES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN, returns as the tense and tormented Kaneki, while Shota Matsuda (AFRO TANAKA himself! And brother to Ryuhei, BTW.) joins the cast as the elegant and insidious Gourmet. Look out, because TOKYO GHOUL ‘S‘ is about to lash out — and where better to see it than in a dark cinema, in which you can’t quite be certain who in the room is really human… – Rupert Bottenberg